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(GMP Balance Sheet)
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==GMP Balance Sheet==
==GMP Balance Sheet==
*Career GMP Total: 193
*Career GMP Total: 205
*Current GMP Balance: 10
*Current GMP Balance: 22
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|[[Get That Glitch A Cannon]]
|[[Get That Glitch A Cannon]]
|Mech Team Monthly Salary (Back Pay)
|October 1st

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GM Style Sheet

Hello, my name is Gwendolyn and my pronouns are she/her. This is my GM style sheet. Please go over it before you apply to one of my runs.

Applicant Expectations

Please do not apply to any of my runs if your character is likely to decline them at the meet. If a contract specifies wetwork for example and your character would object, don't apply to the run. It makes it difficult for me to select a balanced party and takes time when we have to find a replacement mid-game.

Similarly, please do not apply to any run your character would intend to derail or thwart. The team may change their minds about an objective or disagree about what they're supposed to do in a given situation, but I personally don't like it when anyone goes in with this intention.

If you apply with multiple characters, please only select the ones who meet these criteria.

Realism and Tone

Addressing the subject of "realism" is difficult in a magical fantasy cyberpunk RPG. From my perspective, tabletop RPGs are fundamentally about a group getting together to enjoy the game. That said, friends can consume media of a broad range of tones, from cheesy action flicks to emotionally-draining documentaries; there's no reason this can't extend to the table. What's important is everyone agrees on what they want to do before they start. To make this clear, please read the run post to get an idea for what my run will contain. I'll also assign a rating based on the MPAA rating system (it'll usually be PG-13 or R) with content warnings for things that will come up.

In general I prefer my Shadowrun narratives to have a darker tone, but not one wholly devoid of levity or inspiration. "Punk" refers to a subculture that is anti-authoritarian and anti-corporate, and it encourages individuality, direct action and resistance. Cyberpunk, therefore, should center narratives with these themes in a high-tech world where economic and social inequality continue to exist. You are free to run games or make characters that disagree with my perspective, but please don't belittle people who want to play this way.

If there is a miscommunication about the content in one of my runs or you otherwise find yourself growing uncomfortable, don't worry. I use a digital version of the x-card rule. Traditionally, the x-card refers to an index card marked with an "x" that anyone at the table can touch to stop a scene immediately. In my games, simply say "X" or "x-card" in a chat or a Discord DM, and I'll stop the scene with no questions asked to call a break. If you are comfortable, please use the break to inform me what made you uncomfortable with the scene so I can steer clear of it after the session reconvenes. I'll try my best to read the room either way.

Failure and Consequences

I like when my players win. I like to see their characters grow as they experience the world I help create. However, I consider it my job as a GM to challenge the characters, and that means going in with the expectation that if things go the wrong way, they might die. Shadowrun gets into the nitty-gritty of what characters do and how it impacts their survival with a broad range of situational modifiers, gear and actions. Even so, every player character has an attribute dedicated to that je ne sais quoi that keeps them in the nuyen and out of the morgue: Edge. If you roleplay well, make interesting decisions or play to my punk sensibilities, I absolutely will grant you Edge points. Don't depend on this too much though; everyone's luck runs out eventually.

GMP Balance Sheet

  • Career GMP Total: 205
  • Current GMP Balance: 22
GMP Type Link Date
2 Player AAR Eliminating the competition 9/5/19
8 Full AAR A Shadowrun Based on Poison by Stick and Poke 9/7/19
2 Player AAR A Shadowrun Based on Poison by Stick and Poke 9/7/19
5 GMing Improvised Milk Run The Firebug Leap 9/9/19
8 Full AAR The Firebug Leap 9/9/19
2 News Article Training Drill Causes Disturbance at Ares Tower 9/15/19
2 News Article Technocrat Polling Scandal Rocks Seattle 9/17/19
8 Full AAR A Shadowrun Based on Bullshit by Rise Against 9/18/19
2 Player AAR A Shadowrun Based on Bullshit by Rise Against 9/18/19
2 Player AAR A Shadowrun Based on Multiple Songs from the Album Now You Are One of Us by The Paper Chase 9/19/19
9 GMing Scheduled Milk Run The Phantom of the Brothel 9/21/19
8 Full AAR The Phantom of the Brothel 9/21/19
2 News Article Sex Work and Shadowrunning 9/21/19
5 GMing Improvised Milk Run Things That Go Bump in the Night 9/22/19
8 Full AAR Things That Go Bump in the Night 9/22/19
2 News Article Inglewood Neighborhood Watch Meeting Notes, 23 Sept '80 9/22/19
2 Player AAR Guns, I want them, you need them 9/29/19
2 News Article The Uses of Paranoia 9/29/19
2 Metaplot Page Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger 10/1/19
2 News Article The Weebs Are At It Again 10/2/19
2 Player AAR Heart Clutch 10/3/19
2 News Article Still Not Safe 10/3/19
14 GMing Scheduled Medium Run Mirage Island 10/3/19
8 Full AAR Mirage Island 10/4/19
2 News Article The Secret of Mirage Island 10/4/19
16 GMing Two-Day Notice Scheduled Low Run Hast Thou Considered the Tetrapod? 10/6/19
8 Full AAR Hast Thou Considered the Tetrapod? 10/6/19
2 News Article Arson in MCT Subsidiary Basement 10/6/19
10 Coaching Submersion Intermission 10/8/19
8 Full AAR Location, Location, Location 10/10/19
2 Player AAR Location, Location, Location 10/10/19
2 Player AAR Crimes against Fashion 10/10/19
11 GMing Two-Day Notice Scheduled Milk Run In the Court of the Crimson King 10/10/19
8 Full AAR In the Court of the Crimson King 10/11/19
5 Host Architecture and Slaved Devices See DrBurst for more information. 10/11/19
8 Gift from Maly 10/11/19
2 Player AAR Get That Glitch A Cannon 10/11/19
12 Mech Team Monthly Salary (Back Pay) October 1st 10/12/19
GMP Type Beneficiary Date
6 Karma Purkinje 9/7/19
18 Karma Purkinje 9/9/19
1 Nuyen Purkinje 9/13/19
2 Karma Purkinje 9/15/19
8 Nuyen Purkinje 9/18/19
3 Karma Purkinje 9/18/19
1 Nuyen Purkinje 9/18/19
36 Karma Purkinje 9/22/19
4 Karma Purkinje 9/29/19
2 Karma Purkinje 10/2/19
4 Karma Purkinje 10/3/19
26 Karma Purkinje 10/4/19
26 Karma Purkinje 10/6/19
10 Karma Purkinje 10/8/19
10 Karma Purkinje 10/10/19
26 Karma Purkinje 10/11/19