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{| class="wikitable"
| colspan="2" |
! colspan="2" |Long Range Assassin
! colspan="2" |An Assassin specialised with Snipers
|Orc (Oni)
!Street Cred
!Public Awareness
!Titles and Awards
|November 20th 2060
|Metatype - B
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - C
Resources - D
<br />
*[[Template:Player Character#Character%20Information|1 Character Information]]
**[[Template:Player Character#Summary|1.1 Summary]]
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*[[Template:Player Character#In%20Character%20Information|2 In Character Information]]
**[[Template:Player Character#Symbols%20and%20Signatures|2.1 Symbols and Signatures]]
**[[Template:Player Character#Matrix%20Search%20Table|2.2 Matrix Search Table]]
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**[[Template:Player Character#Media%20Mentions|2.6 Media Mentions]]
**[[Template:Player Character#ShadowGrid%20Profile%20Comments|2.7 ShadowGrid Profile Comments]]
=Character Information=
Shade is was cast out by his community and now earns his living as an assassin
His are simple yet hard to achive. He wants to be the best there is to be.
Born in Japan in the "small" town of Kurashiki. He was always a trouble some kid because he had no sympathy for others, Akways wonderd why people wouldn't understand him. He always was verx agile and strived to be the best. He made first contact with alcohol at the age of 14, it was the first time he wasn't  depressed since then he nearly drank once a month. Two years later he joined a semi-militant force where he found his talent for snipers, he soon bested his team members so they cast him out. On his own trying to survive he fled into the Ucas in hope of a better life knowing his skills would pay of in the streets of Seattle. Now he stives to refine his skills to be the very best (like no one ever was).
==Narrative Significant Qualities==
Addiction (Mild): Alcohol well who isn't
Allergy (Uncommon, Moderate): Gold no bling bling for him
Antipathy: can't realy understand people
Catlike:qiuet and stealthy
Prejudiced (Specific, Biased): Oger: I know they are orcs to but the worst kind of
Sharpshooter: always hits the target always
Strive For Perfection: Perfection nothing less is accaptable
==Run History==
*Bootstrap - Connection 4, Loyalty 2 - Decker
*Mr Incognito - Connection 2, Loyalty 1 - Fixer
=In Character Information=
==Symbols and Signatures==
==Matrix Search Table==
==Shadow Community Table==
Fake SIN (Akihiro Takahasi) 2
Black jeans/Black shirt black/ Respirator with neon orange stripes
===Matrix Persona===
==Media Mentions==
==ShadowGrid Profile Comments==

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