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* [[Patriots First Bank]] +2 rep
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| [[Patriots First Bank]]  
| +2  

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Trash Panda
Trash Panda by Seru.jpg
Astral Mage
Master Thief
Eccentric Nutcase
Trideo Addict
Player Teksura
Metatype Elf
Street Cred 11
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
D.O.B. September 16th 2048
Folder Trash Panda
Metatype - C
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - D
Resources - E

Character Information


Raccoon Shaman who fancies herself a Master Thief.


  • Feel something- anything.
  • *BE* a "modern day Robin Hood"
  • Enjoy life - "What's the point of life if you don't *live*?"


Eva adores trid shows, they were her main escape from the terrible barrens life growing up, and she just can't get enough of them. While she was always interested by those trids that glorified shadowrunning, she wasn't really inspired until she saw a low budget retelling of the story of Robin Hood. Eva fell in love with the idea and wanted to *BE* Robin Hood. Robbing from the rich and giving to the poor.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Chain Breaker
    • "Listen here, I'm not going to stand around while you enslave some poor soul."
  • Mentor Spirit (Raccoon)
    • "Raccoon doesn't control me or anything, he and I just have very similar ideas on what I should be doing."


  • Dependant (Nuisance)
    • "I love my mom. I owe her so much."
  • Lack of Focus
    • "This is getting boring... Oh damn! I'm missing the new episode of Blood Runners! I wonder how Jack is getting out of that Ghoul den."
  • Poor Self Control (Trid Addict)
    • "Okay, now I just have to sneak past the guard room an- ooohhh, are they watching- They rebooted Karl Kombatmage! No way!"
  • Poor Self Control (Thrill Seeker)
    • "What's the point of life if you don't *live*?"
  • Social Stress (Civilized Society)
    • "Look, I don't like it okay? Everyone looks at you and silently judges you and expects you to follow all these unwritten rules about how you're supposed to act but nobody ever says what those rules are and then they look down at you when you break them but *of course* they never outright tell you that you did it they just judge you and talk about you after you leave and GAAAAHHHHH!"

Run History



Contact Connection Loyalty Archtype Chips
Jessy Pop 5 3 Fixer Even
Ariel Lopez 4 2 Talismonger Even
Juhn Slide 4 3 Street Doc Even
Betty White 4 2 Shadow Lawyer Even
Carly Reeves 4 3 Reporter Even
Miguel Rivera 2 3 Garbageman Even
Flash 4 3 Technomancer, Hardware reassignment Expert Even
Bold 2 3 Superhero Even
D'Auriel Peirson 4 3 Smuggler Even
Scrap 2 5 Fence Even
Da-Xia Wu 4 2 Triad Princess Even
Daniel Lufe 3 4 Forger/Cook Even


Orginization Rep
Patriots First Bank +2



In Character Information

Raccoon Girl

Raccoon Girl Costume

Once upon a time, Trash Panda was hired to discover the secret identity of the super hero Bold. Over the course of the job, Trash Panda came up with the plan to masquerade as legitimate heroes to earn his trust. Upon discovering the plot of the Johnson who hired them, the team sided with Bold and took down the villain. Trash Panda is not willing to admit she lied to Bold, and maintains the Raccoon Girl persona on occasion just to keep up the con.

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 hit Burglar, and possible mage.
3 hits Raccoon Shaman, Elf, and acts a lot younger than she really is. She is a part of a small community outside of Touristville, collecting food, water, and providing security for the residents. She pours a lot of NuYen into supporting this community.
6+ hits Rumor has it that she is in a relationship with someone, but information on this gets scrubbed as soon as it comes up.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 hit Self proclaimed Master Thief, and Raccoon Shaman. Brags about both things.
3 hits Childish and often talks about her antics. Very excitable and loves trideo. But she's reliable in her own way.
5+ hits As open as she is about a lot of things about herself, there are some things she makes a focused effort to hide. In spite of appearances, she's a powerful grade 5 initiate mage.


Jane Davis

  • R3 EVO SIN
    • Mage Licence
    • Summoner License
    • Concealed Carry Permit
    • Controlled Substance Permit
  • Horizon has linked this SIN to Trash Panda

Olive Barre

  • R4 Docwagon SIN
    • Mage Licence
    • Summoner License
    • Concealed Carry Permit
    • Controlled Substance Permit

Trisha Erkens

    • Mage Licence
    • Summoner License
    • Concealed Carry Permit
    • Controlled Substance Permit


Trash Panda Mask.png

Slightly short for an Elf, Trash Panda is small and skinny, and carries an appearance of nimbleness and far, far too much energy for her own good sometimes. She usually bleaches her hair white, but occasionally gets bored of that and dyes it another color.


Often, she can be seen wearing a deep purple armored jacket with a matching cloak. Hidden underneath it is often her chameleon suit, just in case opportunity presents itself.

Matrix Persona

Trash Panda Persona.png Trash Panda Persona.jpg

Trash Panda's matrix personas were lovingly crafted by a close friend of hers. One persona has the appearance of an anthropomorphic raccoon, designed at her request. She also has a more normal looking persona, for those situations where the host sculpt enforces a more normal looking persona. This one was created by the same friend at no request in order to ensure Trash Panda had something less childish to fall back to. It appears as a typical club girl version of Trash Panda.

Media Mentions

ShadowGrid Profile Comments