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ApepConsortium: +2 Reputation
[[Apep Consortium]]: +2 Reputation

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Tomb Breaker
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Apep Consortium Arcano-Archaeologist
Treasure Hunter and Street Samurai
Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. April 14, 2052
Drive Link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Id1zlIzt_O5eFzmbahqxvtBULrfqGdI8
Priority Metatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - B

Character Information




In Play Example





Growing up as a kid, the one thing Matt Harrison wanted more than anything else was to be a Mage. He spent huge amounts of time watching trid shows and blockbusters starring Awakened heroes, such as Suki Redflower or Karl the Kombat Mage, as well as reading up on magical theory and legends. He was so passionate about it that he had already decided what kind of thaumaturgical degree he would study at University and what kind of job he'd like to get after he graduated.

Once it became clear that he wasn't going to Awaken he was devastated, but refused to let it stop him from doing what he was passionate about. He studied history and archaelogy at Seattle University, and after graduation he landed a job as an Arcano-archaelogist, doing work mainly for MCT subsidiaries like Pentacle Press and Ambrosius Publications, as well as the occasional job for research groups such as the Dunkelzahn Institute for Magical Research (DIMR) and the Atlantean Foundation. Most of all however, he has begun taking steady work for the Apep Consortium; another MCT subsidiary that has brought him on as a member of their Global Acquisitions division.

His last archaelogical job wasn't particularly pleasant. It involved a trip to Egypt in which he broke into a recently excavated temple of the Scarab Goddess, Khepri. The temple had become infested (so to speak) with Insect Shamans and spirits, all of whom had attempted to kill Harrison. The incident has given him no small number of nightmares, and a lingering discomfort with insects.

In the past year, work has been scarce and Tomb Breaker has had to find other ways to pay the bills. Being no stranger to violence, breaking and entering and acquiring precious items, he's recently taken to Shadowrunning. As far as he's concerned, the two trades aren't so different when you get down to it.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Legendary Rep (Apep Consortium): On a job in Egypt, Tomb Breaker managed to recover a jewelled scarab, sacred to the followers of the Egyptian sun goddess Khepri, from a ruined temple that had only recently been unearthed. MCT magicians later analysed the artifact and found it to be an exceptionally potent magical focus. As Khepri was a beetle goddess, the artifact had been coveted by a small hive of Insect shamans and spirits whom had intended to co-opt it as the telesma for a powerful magical focus. It is difficult to say just how much destruction the dark cult could have caused if Tomb Breaker had not foiled their plans and reported their activities to the Egyptian authorities.


  • Phobia (Common, Mild) - Insects: After narrowly avoiding death at the hands of a collection of Insect spirits and shamans in a ruined temple in Egypt, Tomb Breaker has developed a discomfort with insects of all kinds, which remind him of the terrifying encounter.
  • SINner (Corporate Limited) - MCT: Having worked for numerous MCT subsidiaries in the past, his relationship with the mega was formalised in 2078 when, after the Apep Consortium was taken over by MCT, management brought him on to become a employee of their Global Acquisitions division; most likely to keep him from working for their competitors.

Run History




Apep Consortium: +2 Reputation



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Matthew Harrison (Corporate Limited; Mitsuhama Computer Technologies). Legal.

James McGrath (National; UCAS) R4 Fake. Concealed Carry Permit, Military Weapons License, Firearms License, Private Investigator License, Restricted Bioware License, Restricted Cyberware License.



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