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Growing up as a kid, the one thing Matt Harrison wanted more than anything else was to be a Mage. He spent huge amounts of time watching trid shows and blockbusters starring Awakened heroes, such as Suki Redflower or Karl the Kombat Mage, as well as reading up on magical theory and legends. He was so passionate about it that he had already decided what kind of thaumaturgical degree he would study at University and what kind of job he'd like to get after he graduated.

Once it became clear that he wasn't going to Awaken he was devastated, but refused to let it stop him from doing what he was passionate about. He studied history and archaelogy at Seattle University, and after graduation he landed a job as an Arcano-archaelogist.


Tomb Breaker has a fairly extensive resume for someone who has been in the game for less than a decade. He's helped excavate the ruins of a Mayan pyramid, trawled the sea with the Atlantean Foundation to search for more pieces of the Antikythera Mechanism, provided security for a team of Astral Space researchers that have studied the Amazonian Stonehenge (contrary to the wishes of the Amazonian government) and plundered an Egyptian tomb in the Valley of Kings.

While he has worked for a variety of organisations as a freelance consultant and excavator, many of his employers have been MCT subsidiaries. In 2078, his relationship with the megacorp was formalised by making him a corporate citizen of Mitsuhama, employed by the Apep Consortium's Global Acquisitions division.


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