This is the safest way to go nobody gets hurt

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This is the safest way to go nobody gets hurt
Part of GM DrBurst's Plot Line Wait so Long
LocationRoute 99 in Everett, Seattle
Result Successful extraction of Siren(Angie Crawford)
Knight Errant MCT
Commanders and leaders
SysOp TANJ Tom Howe Mr. Tanaka(Blue Tie)
Casualties and losses
None Loss of Analysis Angie Crawford
1 KE Office Killed
1 KE Dodge Charger Dystroyed
1 Personal Vehicle Dystroyed
Loss of agent inside Knight Errant


About 2 years before the events in this run, Mr. Tanaka(Blue Tie) hired Siren. Due to chaos in the shadows after Brackhaven orcastrated the mass killings of runners, SysOp TANJ and Mr. Tanaka reached an agreement to cancel Siren's contact and relieved her of her duties.


The meet was a relatively uneventful discussion in a Stuffer Shack until an Aztechology executive - Carmela Monteagudo Rosales - walked in. Upon this happening, Tarbohom grabbed her and ran out of the store. KE took notice and drones joined the chase. However, the drones were unable to stop Tarbohom who jumped onto a moving car in order to get to manhole faster. After questioning the frightened executive, who knew nothing of Fire Nector Project, Tarbohom left her for dead in the sewers were she was biten a turned into a Ghoul.


The runners first conduct operations to learn of the target's schedule. After dealing with a failed insertion of Salix onto the roof nearby office building, the team recovers and secures Salix a sniper roost overlooking Route 99. As the target and a KE protection detail travel to a meeting, Salix fires a shot and Phantom disables the vehicles over the matrix. Tarbohom jumped down from an overpass onto the passing KE car and punched and officer dead. While this was all happening, Actaeon said a counter-phase then helped the willing Siren to a vehicle.


The surviving KE office reported back that Tarbohom killed the other officer and Carmela Monteagudo Rosales reported to Aztech that the same troll kidnapped her. Tome Howe is sadden by the loss of his wife and MCT loses eyes on KE.



-10 Faction rep with KE and -1 with Aztechnology. +1 Faction rep with Shadowhaven. 1 Notority and 1 Public Awareness for being chased by drones in Downtown Seattle. He also took home 3 Karma and 14000 Nuyen.


8 Karma and 4000 Nuyen. +1 Faction Rep with ShadowHaven.


6 Karma and 8000 Nuyen. +1 Faction Rep with ShadowHaven.


8 Karma and 4000 Nuyen. +1 Faction Rep with ShadowHaven.