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Prologue - May 2078: Run with the hunted

The story of ShadowHaven picks up just after the events of Brackhaven Breakhaven in Hard Targets. Chief of Staff Corrine Dakin, Seattle Commissioner of Race Relations Jassila Feddersen and Brackhaven Investments United Corporate Council Representative William Roger all end up dead in due to an apparent natural cause, an accident, and a bloody murder, respectively. However, the coincidence of so many Brackhaven allies taking a dirt nap leads Brackhaven to undertake a brutal campaign of revenge against the Shadows, hiring the private mercenary company NullNode to geek as many runners as they can find in the hopes of sending a message to the shadows. Some of the notable deaths included the Sysop of the network of runners and support personnel in Seattle whose death triggered a deadman's switch, deleting the shadow host and dumping its files into the resonance. Emile Corrigan becomes the new chief of staff to Brackhaven.

June 2078: Dancing for rain

A Shadowrunner Sysop TANJ, a low-level assistant to the sysop of the network of runners now in ruins, started to reorganize the Seattle shadows. An emergency extraction of a runner doing a long con in a Knight Errant was conducted before she ended up as the next victim. A low-level advertising corporation was forced into bankruptcy and brought in order to form Blue Suited Joker Consulting, Inc., a shell corporation for shadow runners. A free sprite, planted by the previous sysop, was recovered and informed to aid the restarting of the shadow network.

The previous sysop's deadman's switch also dumped a large number of files, found on the comlink of William Roger, to a reporter and activist named Holly Nicholson. It also provided funding to hire runners to protect Holly until the data, which further implicated Brackhaven in Operation Daybreak, was published.


Shape Da Future10 June 2078
Statement of Intent10 June 2078
Gold, Jade, and Bone11 June 2078
This is the safest way to go nobody gets hurt11 June 2078
Blockbuster12 June 2078
Moving Day23 June 2078

July 2078: In the distance, thunder cracks

The public at large was still not truly aware of Brackhaven's involvement with Operation Daybreak. So, Enduring Resistance sponsored runners to replace a projected video with one detailing Brackhaven's involvement as well as changing a fireworks display so that it spelled out "Brackhaven did Daybreak" during the Ares' Freedom Day celebrations on the 4th of July. Runners suppress an Ares investigation into the previously rescued corporate espionage runner. Aztechnology conducts a rescue of one of their executives turned ghoul, Carmela Monteagudo Rosales, and start training her to become a shadow asset. Meanwhile, an anti-BTL rapper in Puyallup wins a Taco Temple prize and safe extraction in order to start his own record label.


Lost Children7 July 2078
Barbarian's Initiation 18 July 2078
Pest Control14 July 2078
Fade To Brunette16 July 2078
Intermittent Blue Line18 July 2078
Dude, Where's My Corpse21 July 2078
Which Witch Wishes Witches Well (Part 1)25 July 2078
Hazing28 July 2078

August 2078: The First Drop

Anti-Brackhaven resentment grows across the city, with protests and marches taking place daily. The activist group Enduring Resistance sponsored a mission to cover Seattle in anti-Brackhaven advertisements, with the crown of the mission replacing the Brackhaven Investments logo at Brackhaven's tower with "Brackhaven did Daybreak". Due to the growing mistrust over Brackhaven, Ares attempts to incite anti-Brackhaven protesters into violence with BTLs, but runners are able to shut the program down by blowing up the BTL lab along with the project team members. The same runners also defeat a Brackhaven sponsored Night Hunter attack on the protests, resulting in only one injured protester. A mysterious woman with full body replacement cybernetics hired runners to retrieve an item from the Barrens before a group in a Tiltrotor could.

Shadowrunners, involved in a feud between restaurants Le Cochon Rose and Mucho Bucco, discover a tape with the last known appearance of Edmund Jefferies, press secretary to Governor Brackhaven until late 2074, when he disappeared. There is another man, Emile Corrigan, current chief of staff to Brackhaven, seen meeting with the Edmund. This explosive tape is delivered to the acting district attorney Dana Oaks.


Shangri-La12 August 2078
The Temperate North22 August 2078
Altogether Ooky26 August 2078
I've Come Here From Nowhere26 August 2078
Nightcrawler26 August 2078

September 2078: The Storms of September

Politics in Seattle

Brackhaven, sensing his control slipping. Sends his chief of staff to a retreat to get liquidated. Lucky, Dana Oaks - along with brave runners - rescue him. They also manage to fight off the mercenary unit Null Node hired by Brackhaven to attempt to stop Mr. Corrigan from spilling what he knows to the acting DA. Brackhaven also locks down the city, desperately trying to hold onto power. But it is too little, too late. The truth of his actions comes out and Brackhaven is forced to resign. Arch-Conservative Deputy Governor Chuck King takes over. (Link to Welcome to the Breakdown)

Deckercon and the Beginning of the End of NeoNet

Deckcon worldwide takes place. It uses technology similar in what is found in Dante’s Inferno to connect convention centers around the world in a non-stop weekend long convention.

Emboldened by the seeming incoming collapse of the arch-conservative party, runners are hired by Tattered Blag Flags to destroy an Ares/KE matrix listening post (link to Broadcast/Signal/Frequency) and rescue TBF members conducting a raid on an oSin enrollment center in Seattle. (link to Midnight Hands)

An Ares demi-GOD is replaced with a Horizon body snatcher who changes his speech from one demanding a restricted matrix to one asking for a more open matrix in order to enhance its democratizing force. (link to Keynote) Kivanet also uses Deckercon to recruit a bunch of Technomancers. (link to Satellite)

Other Things

The run that made the mana storm: Wuxing hired runners to escort a team of geomancers to a power site in Glow City, where a pair of low force Firefly bug spirits were hiding out. Mana surge went towards and into the Tiger Mountain State Park. Link

Bugs in the Underground! Their Insect Shaman died, but there's still workers around, and another shaman or queen could move into the area.


Last One Out Hit The Lights2 September 2078
Shepard's Initiation 12 September 2078
Circe's Initiation 17 September 2078
My Ears are Ringing With a Sound11 September 2078
A Demo to Die For23 September 2078
Keep on Trucking23 September 2078
Ey, man23 September 2078

October 2078: Prologue to War

With the oSIN enrollment center down, Anarchist Black Cross hire runners to destroy the remaining hard disk version of the database and let those who got tagged with oSINs back into Seattle. (link to Zero Visibility)

Politics in Seattle

With Acting District Attorney Dana Oaks’ investigation into the Arch-Conservative party heating up, protests grow in Seattle. (Link to A Beautiful Indifference) Prominent leaders of these protests emerge, channeling their guilt from their service in Null Node. However, leading these protests get contracts put on their heads from NullNode. Luckily, the runners hired help them escape. (Link To Them These Streets Belong)

Things heat up further when the arch-conservatives start cracking down on their staffers. They falsey capture and torture a staff who they suspect is working with Ms. Oaks. Runners are sent to rescue that staffer along with a staffer(link to From Heads Unworthy) who is actually acting as a witness (link to Wolves). With these shocking details revealed, the whole arch-conservative party is forced to resign with the exception of Industrial Commissioner Kotov. Tattered Black Flags, not satisfied with leaving things there, find dirt on Commissioner Kotov and force him to resign.

Commissioner of Public Works Natoko Munakata becomes Governor, urging the city to calm down for the coming elections.

Lead up to the Triad/Yakuza War

Runners nab a katana from Kakei Steve of the Shotozumi-gumi (

Runners went to San Francisco and retrieved a summoning focus trapped in a Gold Rush era ship underneath Chinatown, fending of blood spirits and Yakuza, while making a deal with a Triad,_Jade,_and_Bone

Other Things

A building set sail as a consequence of the earlier mana surge. Runners were hired by the corporate courts to turn it into rubble. They succeeded. Link

Some gangers who’s gang leader was corrupted by the use of blood magic got geeked in a plan by Aztech.

Several runners on an Island off the Coast of Vancouver Island get trapped and huntthem with mercs, but they ended up switching roles


Ganger baised2 October 2078
Crimson Impernanence7 October 2078
The Most Dangerous Game8 October 2078
Midtown - Give It Up11 October 2078
TACO TRAIIIIIN!11 October 2078
Better Off Dead13 October 2078
Rise Against - Zero Visibility14 October 2078

November 2078: Fire Storm

Seattle Politics

Horizon's data that's been giving them an edge in the election was stolen, but there's a lot of it.

Mana Storm in Seattle

An earlier run moved a leyline in Seattle, however, the mana in Seattle backlashes to restore the leyline to its original place.

Because of this, a newly awakened Metahuman gang has the magical resources to take on the Trog Killers. They then hire runners to take out the wounded at a Paladin Health and Medical Group clinic. (Link to the Great Die Off Part 1) Other runners rescue a surgeling captured by ShadowHaven runners in an extraction job for Wuxing. Yet another runner team rescues a surgeling from an MCT research facility. (Link to Victory) Lead up to the Triad/Yakuza War The daughter of a Shotozumi gumi boss fell in love with a Chinese man and they eloped. The son "Sojiro Sato" an adept was hunting them down but failed because of our heroic runners. The Shotozumi were shamed before other gumis.

Frustrated Sojiro hired runners and ordered a hit against "Fatty" a Chinese-Japanese human who used to go by the name of Genji Yamamoto during his Yakuza days and has now defected to the 88s triads. The PCs successfully carry out the assassination without causing a full on syndicate war, but the runners also killed 5 88s goons and wrecked an illegal ware shop. The 88s will know something is trying to wage a shadow war.

Japanocrop-Yama King Storyline

Shiawase organized Seattle fashion week, showing off their new line of ware in their term "augmented fashion future". Universal Omintech hired PCs to kidnap the host of the fashion week and a chief scientist Dr. Giulia Marie Bisonette, in an attempt to persuade her to join them (she's a French elf in Shiawase so not very happy). Shiawase's show gets ruined and they lose a valuable asset. Losing face in front of other 2 Japanocorps. Its possible that MCT or Renraku may have tipped off UO about the prototype ware Bisonette was working on.

Hideo Masamune is the last in the line of guardians to guard one of the cursed sword forged by Muramasa. The blade was on its way to Seattle when the ship was ambushed and stolen by a team of Renraku Red ninjas. The sword acts as a key to the realm of one of the Yama Kings. Renraku wanted to use the blade to siphon off enough magical energy and apply it to heir new prototype tech to do catapult them way ahead of the other two Japanocorps. The blade became unstable and so they took shelter in the now abandoned underground labs of ACHE and jury rigged some equipment to contain the energy from the blade, stabilizing it. The runners in an attempt to retrieve the blade, defeated the red ninjas but also opened a small rift and set free the demon tainted soul of Muramasa. The runners successfully banished the demon lord back to the Shadowlands and took the sword back to Masamune.

Displeased with the failure of the Red ninja and curious about the Haven. Renraku hired Haven runners to track down another artifact (they did not want to antagonize Haven yet by going after Muramasa for now), that is tied to the Yama King legends. Deep in the Himalayas outside Tibet border. The runners tracked down a cursed death mask, which traps the soul of a monk and a supposed demon in eternal conflict. The runners, through use of violence managed to retrieve the mask for Renraku, this making doomsday clock tick a little faster. What could ever go wrong…

Other Events

An Ork is rescued from an Paladin Health and Medical Group operation to make BTLs more additive. (Link To The Rumours…)

The Ghoul Liberation League hired runners to kill a toxic blood mage mystic adept ghoul (the combination of all of those is due to the fact that he was spreading HMHVV). Adept powers were toxic, spells were blood; mostly things like blood blade and giger spit, using his own Infected blood. Link, Wiki Pending

Dwight Holt, hapless Explorer, lost his body again, this time to a biker gang known as Heck’s Saints (legally distinct from Hells Angels) that hacked his car and redirected it out to the middle of nowhere. Biker gang had some Markers with local wild bike spirits. Had. Link, Wiki Pending

Meistersingers hired runners to recover stolen kraken eggs from an underwater base in an inland lake to quieten a kraken mother. Base was not too much more than a lodge with Oxygenate bound to it. Success. Link, Wiki Pending

The war against the the bugs in the underground continue.

A raid against a Aztech black site fails, allowing an Aztech research black site in the barrens involving unethical research into a radioactive mutagenic substance and fungi, is now fully operational.

Runners battled pirates in Puget Sound, fighting a particularly nasty Ork pirate captain named Khrushchev, they ended up freeing a bunch of Changeling slaves, and Khrushchev blew up his ship and escaped.


Yokai's Initiation 38 November 2078
Good Luck Lazlo11 November 2078
All You Need Is Love17 November 2078
Corrupt Findings17 November 2078
Backup18 November 2078
Dude, Where's My Corpse Part 218 November 2078
Fury Road23 November 2078
All You Need Is Kill24 November 2078
Last One Out Hit The Lights Part 225 November 2078
Rabbit's Initiation 125 November 2078
The Bleeding Edge of Progress25 November 2078
Philosophy of Abduction27 November 2078

December 2078: (Insert Subtitle)


The Hunter and the Hunted3 December 2078
Faulty Honor7 December 2078
Mindhunter8 December 2078
Philosophy of Ballistics9 December 2078
Directing the fury10 December 2078
Doggo Run10 December 2078
Gone Girl11 December 2078
Ace Horizon13 December 2078
Nora Inu Initiation Run I13 December 2078
Sets Go Up13 December 2078
Yule Be Sorry13 December 2078
Best Served Cold14 December 2078
For Your Eyes Only15 December 2078
Seattle's Greatest Swordsman16 December 2078
Pyro17 December 2078
Yokai's Initiation 421 December 2078
Philosophy of ceremonies22 December 2078
Devil's Bargain23 December 2078
Deck The Halls24 December 2078
Merrow Christmas25 December 2078
Speed's The Game29 December 2078
Dark Horse30 December 2078

January 2079: (Insert Subtitle)


Which Witch Wishes Witches Well (Part 2)8 January 2079
Food Fight9 January 2079
Headhunting9 January 2079
...But Our Ties Have Been Erased10 January 2079
Fire Water Burn10 January 2079
We Trusted but Something Has Gone Wrong13 January 2079
Time to Make a Mess14 January 2079
Pushing the Needle15 January 2079
Trailer Park Boys15 January 2079
Tears of Sand15 January 2079
SAVE THE MEMES17 January 2079
Cobra: Uncoiling the Mind Part 218 January 2079
Boardroom Bloodbath20 January 2079
Time for Talking22 January 2079
Cobra: Uncoiling the Mind Part 322 January 2079
Snake Eye's Inititation Run 128 January 2079

Febuary 2079: (Insert Subtitle)


Dragon Dance2 February 2079
The Agus download5 February 2079
Fashion Faux Pas5 February 2079
It's The Principle Of The Matter10 February 2079
Candle's Initiation 112 February 2079
Beating Heart13 February 2079
Hurricane vs Nightshade15 February 2079
Literal Drek17 February 2079
Cobra: Uncoiling the Mind Part 419 February 2079
What You Can Catch In The Net22 February 2079
Star Crossed25 February 2079

March 2079: (Insert Subtitle)


Year of the Dragon3 March 2079
Wilt Thou Lift Up Olympus6 March 2079
Lonestar Data Steal11 March 2079
No Rose Without a Thorn11 March 2079
Returned Twofold15 March 2079
Liberty! Freedom! Tyranny Is Dead!15 March 2079
Smother The Flames16 March 2079
Mind the Bump16 March 2079
Crash Course17 March 2079
Storks in Snohomish18 March 2079
On Silent Wings23 March 2079

April 2079: (Insert Subtitle)


Lend me a Hand2 April 2079
Compliments to the Chef6 April 2079
Rabbit's Initiation 216 April 2079
Intro-Chamber the Cartridge18 April 2079
22 April 2079
Flobots - Journey After (War Fatigues)(Part 1)20 April 2079
Flobots - Journey After (War Fatigues)(Part 2)20 April 2079
Flobots - Stand Up21 April 2079
Rise Against - The Eco-Terrorist In Me22 April 2079
Witchblade's Initiation 122 April 2079
Strategic war games don't call 'em human beings25 April 2079
When both sides are vocalized the crowd spits the dopest lines25 April 2079
These Narcissists Forget to do their Exercise...25 April 2079
Ke$ha - TiK ToK28 April 2079

May 2079: (Insert Subtitle)


Flobots - Journey After (War Fatigues)(Part 3)7 May 2079
Break, Them, Down7 May 2079
Our Sound Waves Run Your City Like Parkour8 May 2079
Cobra: Uncoiling the Mind Part 18 May 2079
Yokai's Initiation 18 May 2079
Yokai's Initiation 28 May 2079
Flobots - Failure Games19 May 2079
Thomas the Dank Engine22 May 2079

June 2079: (Insert Subtitle)


Rise Against - Architects12 June 2079
Rise Against - Mourning in (Seattle) (Part 1)16 June 2079
Rise Against - Mourning in (Seattle) (Part 2)17 June 2079
Portugal, The Man28 June 2079
Verses The Mooney Suzuki – Shake That Bush Again28 June 2079
The Consequences for Peacful Solutions29 June 2079

July 2079: (Insert Subtitle)


Against All Authority – Silence Is Golden But Duct Tape Is Silver5 July 2079
Flobots - Journey After (War Fatigues)(Part 4)7 July 2079
The Kinks - Strangers8 July 2079
Trip D and Clean10 July 2079
Steriogram - Walkie Talkie Man15 July 2079
Katy Perry – Swish Swish (Part 1)17 July 2079
Are We There Yet25 July 2079
More Cowbell25 July 2079
Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter28 July 2079
The Cab - Angel With A Shotgun29 July 2079

August 2079: (Insert Subtitle)


Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Part 2)11 August 2079
Summer Slammed13 August 2079

September 2079: (Insert Subtitle)


Don't Copy That Floppy9 September 2079
Bring Da Ruckus11 September 2079
Anime Crime Division (Part 1)13 September 2079
Gone Girl 2: Gone Off The Deep End14 September 2079
Green Hell21 September 2079

October 2079: (Insert Subtitle)


I got some contacts that help me and you do not. It is a friend of a friend of a friend I got2 October 2079
If you'll excuse me there's somewhere I have to be where the whole fucking city can see me3 October 2079
Yeah, yeah, yeah It's Friday night and I'm everywhere. And pretty soon they will stop and stare when I am out there6 October 2079
There is this party where I will be raising hell24 October 2079

November 2079: (Insert Subtitle)


Streetlight Manifesto - Everything Went Numb10 November 2079
Set Your Goals - The Few That Remain10 November 2079
Fruit of the Moneytree13 November 2079
Streetlight Manifesto - Watch It Crash (Part 1)15 November 2079
Streetlight Manifesto - The Three of Us (Part 3)16 November 2079
Streetlight Manifesto - Watch It Crash (Part 2)17 November 2079
19 November 2079
That Handsome Devil - Pills for Everything26 November 2079

December 2079: (Insert Subtitle)


Fuck the Radio8 December 2079
If You Have Got Some Requests8 December 2079
Streetlight Manifesto - The Three of Us (Part 1)8 December 2079
Bruno Mars - 24K Magic8 December 2079
Running In the 90s8 December 2079
From All The Stuff I Heard It'll Be An Easy Sell8 December 2079
Execute the Executor9 December 2079
Streetlight Manifesto - 9mm And A Three Piece Suit16 December 2079
Streetlight Manifesto - The Three of Us (Part 2)16 December 2079
A Place For You No Place For Me28 December 2079

January 2080: (Insert Subtitle)


Streetlight Manifesto - Point Counterpoint (Part 1)24 January 2080
Motion City Soundtrack - Time Turned Fragile26 January 2080
Frank Turner - Four Simple Words27 January 2080
Big D And The Kids Table - Doped Up Dollies on a One Way Ticket to Blood29 January 2080

Febuary 2080: (Insert Subtitle)


Job Posting: 68109893CF4 February 2080
ShadowHaven Post 41203164FF6 February 2080
AC/DC - Thunderstruck9 February 2080
Hot Action Cop - Doom Boom12 February 2080
Whispers In The Dark17 February 2080
Max Coveri - Running in the 90s23 February 2080
They Might Be Giants – You’re On Fire26 February 2080

March 2080: (Insert Subtitle)


Ramshackle Glory - Die Alone, Live Together (Born to Lose)5 March 2080
The Dreadnoughts-Cider Road10 March 2080
I Am Downright Amazed At What I Can Destroy With Just a Hammer by Atom & His Package28 March 2080

April 2080: (Insert Subtitle)


Moonlight Shadow6 April 2080
A Shadowrun Based on The Paper Chase's We Will Make You One of Us24 April 2080
A Shadowrun Based on Barefoot Surrender's Sky Burnin Red25 April 2080
You Won't Hear it on the Local Grid27 April 2080

May 2080: (Insert Subtitle)


A Shadowrun Based on The Paper Chase's You Will Never Take Us Alive 44 May 2080
A Shadowrun Based on The Paper Chase's You Will Never Take Us Alive 34 May 2080
You Will Never Take Me Alive8 May 2080
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing12 May 2080
A Bad Decision17 May 2080
Flobots - Combat18 May 2080
Gang Trouble22 May 2080
A Shadowrun Based on the Remix of Lil Nas X's Old Town Road (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus)22 May 2080
A Shadowrun Based on Big D and the Kids Table's LAX25 May 2080
Gone Girl 3: A Trail of Blood and Drugs29 May 2080

June 2080: (Insert Subtitle)

Hipster Machine the Free Sprite is consolidating field reports...


Winners do drugs3 June 2080
Usagi Private Run6 June 2080
A Shadowrun Based on Stick and Poke's Running18 June 2080