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Captain_Napalem's Character Portal

No runs yet. This list will auto-populate when this character is tagged in a run AAR.

Attack techno
Discord @Captain_Napalem#7629
Reddit Captain_Napalem
Metatype Ork (Oni)
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. September 16th, 2055
Age 25
Folder [Drive URL Link]
Priority Metatype - C
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - C
Resources - E

Character Information


Attack techno with a military theme.


I really have no idea. Keep on surviving, I guess.


Akemi was born in San Francisco to oni parents who had escaped to the bay area, specifically Oakland, from Yomi island. They were only a teenager when Saito was defeated, and wanted desperately to join the fight. Not being old enough to help out at the time, they waited until they were actually an adult, and tried to sign up then. Unfortunately, they weren't able to pass the basic physical tests, and thus were rejected. That path closed to them, they went off to college in Seattle, but soon after emerged as a technomancer and got kicked out. Having no other real options, they turned to the shadows, the one place that might actually appreciate their new technomancer abilities.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Codeslinger (data spike)
  • Exceptional attribute (LOG)


  • Combat junkie - Refuses to back out of matrix combat
  • SINner (national) - They kept their CFS SIN
  • Down the rabbit hole - Easily distracted by random matrix shit, usually has their sprites do searches for them

Run History

No runs yet. This list will auto-populate when this character is tagged in a run AAR.



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Lord Logie 5 1 Fixer Fixer The Archive, Matrix Networker, Dead Station Gossip, Tech Stashes, Information Broker, Technomancer Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result



Spark is a thin, blue-skinned Oni. In meatspace, they wear casual clothes, usually a novelty t-shirt (their favorite being one with the Ares logo that has a mosquito head instead of the spartan helmet) and some ripped jeans. Their hair is cut fairly short and is usually a mess.

Matrix Persona

They keep two personas on hand. One looks mostly like how they look irl, but their hair is actually styled and they're wearing a military officer's suit of armor, which they use for most regular matrix things. The other is a futuristic artillery battery, which they use in matrix combat. In either case, they're usually accompanied by sprites that look like enlisted.

Media Mentions

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