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*[[Guns, I want them, you need them]] - 28 Sept. 2080
*[[Guns, I want them, you need them]] - 28 Sept. 2080
*[[Heart Clutch]] - 2 Oct. 2080
*[[Heart Clutch]] - 2 Oct. 2080
*[[Location, Location, Location]] - 10 Oct. 2080
*[[Location, Location, Location]] - 9 Oct. 2080
*[[Crimes against Fashion]] - 10 Oct. 2080
*[[Get That Glitch A Cannon]] - 11 Oct. 2080
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*Ares Anti-Project Pyro: 3
*Ares Anti-Project Pyro: 3
*Crime Mall: 1
*Crime Mall: 3
*Ex-Firewatch: 3
*Ex-Firewatch: 3
*Knight-Errant: 1
*Knight-Errant: 1

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Purkinje, the Many-Branching
Purkinje meatspace.png
Social Engineer
Player Purkinje
Metatype Elf
Street Cred 8
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. 21 July 2055
Folder Google Drive
Metatype - C
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - C
Resources - E

Character Information


Purkinje is a mystic technomancer with a gnostic approach to matrix studies. She is eager and open to anything when it comes to magic or resonance, believing the two to be deeply related in some way. Her extensive focus on the matrix has led her to unhealthy physical habits such as recreational stimulant use and poor sleep patterns. Deckers, riggers and even other technomancers might find her approach to the craft unorthodox, but she produces results.


  • Look out for other elves and technomancers on the streets.
  • Deepen her understanding of resonance, its realms and its paragons.
  • Fuck up corps, especially MCT.
  • Grow NCL School for the Gifted.


When she was little, Purkinje wanted to be a magician. She saw the magic of Tir Tairngire with a childlike wonder and firmly believed that when she came of age, her latent powers would manifest. They did, but not in the way she wanted. Her parents were appalled to find their daughter an inherent violation of the old ways, and with practically nothing of a support system to help her, she turned to shadowrunning on the streets of Cara'sir as a way to survive. She hopes to find herself in Seattle, somehow.

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Technomancer & Resonant Stream: Sourcerer: Purkinje possesses a high degree of aptitude with resonance and the matrix in general. Her threading skills are prolific among technomancers.
  • Bilingual: A native speaker of both English and Sperethiel, Purkinje can fit in with Tir elves and non-Tir elves without an accent giving her away. Some English idioms are lost on her, though.
  • Bad Luck: Despite her best efforts, Purkinje seems cursed with rotten luck. She has lived down the effects of her notoriety, but the hit to her street cred will never quite recover.
  • Records On File (MCT, 2 Karma): Mitsuhama appears to be keeping tabs on Purkinje because they suspect she is a technomancer. This could spell disaster for her if she were ever to cross them. This began after a run against MCT went poorly and her best friend was killed.

Run History



  • Ashabel (Infobroker): Connection 6, Loyalty 1
  • Briar (Fixer): Connection 5, Loyalty 2



  • Ares Anti-Project Pyro: 3
  • Crime Mall: 3
  • Ex-Firewatch: 3
  • Knight-Errant: 1
  • Lone Star: 1
  • OtherCon: 2
  • Red Children: 1


In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Purkinje is prone to representing complex forms and matrix icons as arcane symbols. Her personal symbol is what appears to be an oddly-shaped tree with many branches, but someone experienced in anatomy might recognize it as a specific type of neuron. Her marks look like axon terminal buttons.

Matrix Search Table

1 Hit Articles on the Purkinje cell, a type of neuron found in the cerebellum that has hundreds of synapses and many axon branches.
3 Hits Posts by a user "purkinje, the many-branching" on a wide variety of awakened community discussion forums. The infrequent posts are often on the subject of the parallels between magic and technomancy, inevitably leading to a ban.
5 Hits Occasional bewildered posts by the same username on tech forums, always asking for incredibly detailed information that would suggest a high degree of coding skill but somehow lacking a fundamental understanding of what's being asked. Correlating this pattern of question-asking between obscure, deleted and hidden posts suggests the user is actually communicating in a sort of high-tech thieves' cant about shadowrunning, but details are ambiguous if they can be pinned down at all.

Shadow Community Table

1 Hit A hacker who has lived in Seattle for a couple of months now. Allegedly bad luck, but gets the job done.
2 Hits From Tir Tairngire, appears to have connections with the Laesa.
3 Hits This runner has something of a grudge with MCT and loves to take on jobs against them. Fortunately it only seems to be a passion instead of an obsession - for now.
4+ Hits A technomancer who is especially adept at threading. Prone to getting caught up on theory and conjecture instead of learning detailed computer science, but nonetheless manages to do her job without complaint.


  • Jessica Kowalczyk (UCAS, Matrix Security Contractor)(R4)



Purkinje is a pale-skinned elf with bright red hair and steely blue eyes. She is quite attractive, though perhaps average by elvish standards. Her form is tall and willowy, not possessed of much muscle. She dresses for the job, either drawing eyes or keeping them off her. She often wears a Mortimer suit or dress. When she lets her guard down, she will adorn herself with technofetishes, RFID-tagged jewelry that displays images of her favorite arcane symbols in accordance with her mood via some program on her commlink.

Matrix Persona

In the matrix, Purkinje largely appears as she does in meatspace except dressed fancily as a punk witch with neon magic sigils. Her matrix actions and forms appear as spellcasting of various sorts, and her sprites appear as demons. This is but one of her many forms, however, as she is prone to loading different persona presets to fool people into thinking she's someone else.

Media Mentions


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