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==Run History==
==Run History==
[[Moving Day]]
[[Moving Day]]
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[[Category:Player Characters]]
[[Category:Player Characters]]

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Biosam infiltrator
Player /u/Abuses-Commas
Metatype Male Elf
Street Cred 2
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
D.O.B. July 16th 2020
Folder Link
Metatype(Elf) - C
Attributes - A
Mundane - E
Skills - E
Resources - A

Character Information


Stealthy biosam, used to be in the shadows just to survive, now because he loves the thrill.

Has two modes, super quiet, and super loud


Odin wants to see his persona, if not his likeness, on the trid, like the cloak-and-dagger heroes of his youth.

He prefers nice jobs over naughty


Aric grew up on the streets, spending any spare nuyen on his beloved spy trids. He eventually started using tricks from the trids to earn cash, sneaking around and spying on people. At some point, the jobs turned from spying for PIs, to stealing for smugglers, to killing for gangs. It was good money, and he was good at it. Aric took on the moniker Odin, for the Norse god, for his association of knowledge and death. Nearly all of his funds he spent on 'ware, since it couldn't be stolen from him, and he'd always be ready for trouble.

During the Night of Rage, Odin was fortunately camped out on a rooftop downtown. He watched the rioting, and would later find that his apartment was broken into, and neighbors murdered. After that, Humanis members became Odin's preferred practice for assassinations.

Narrative Significant Qualties

  • Signature

Odin leaves a card, marked with the Odal rune, at the scene of his jobs.

  • Vendetta: Humanis

Odin is not a fan of Anti-Metahuman groups, even if Humanis claims to be Pro-Human nowadays, he remembers the Night of Rage, and having to avoid their members when growing up.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Dude, Where's My Corpseryncewynde8821 July 2078
Intermittent Blue Lineryncewynde8818 July 2078
Pest Controlryncewynde8814 July 2078
Moving Dayryncewynde8823 June 2078

Moving Day

Humming the Bassline

Shot to the Heart

Hipster Machine

Pest Control

Dude, Where's my Corpse?






Humanis and their affiliates

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

The rune Odal

He also blacks out the lens on his right contact when going hot.

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


  • Nick Baginski - Rating 4 Fake National SIN (CFS)


Odin is a lean, short elf, with white hair, and teal eyes. At least, that is what he actually looks like. When he's using a fake SIN, he wears a synthskin mask of that person's face, and changes his contacts to match.

Currently, hazel eyes and a pale, freckled face.


Odin wears a tailored suit when out and about, out of place in his home in Puyallup, but fitting in his normal workplace Downtown

Matrix Persona

He goes by the handle Odin, and uses the default persona for his commlink, which for the Transys Avalon, is a medieval noble.

Media Mentions

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