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Player Kerim the Storyteller
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D.O.B. September 5th 2053
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Character Information


Noaido is a former(-ish) corporate drone who got pulled into the world of shadowrunning not through trauma or force, but instead through a few too many shady favours and an unhealthy obsession with the various Shadowrun MMOs that are all over the place. He knows a lot about the shadows -but only insofar as they're depicted online-, and is excited, curious, and somewhat scared about actually being properly part of that world himself. He's a bit shy but tries to fake confidence, and easily becomes invisible in a crowd alongside some of the more out there runners. But he knows what he's doing.


Meet some of the famous runners from his games (And don't make a fool out of himself in the process) Get to know the thrills and such of actually properly shadowrunning. Make a few friends maybe? Make sure his boss doesn't find out what he's up to in his free time.


For every runner, there are a hundred regular people going around their everyday lives doing every day things. Noaido is one of them, Hi. His life can be summed up as mostly mundane. The major interesting thing about him was that he worked at NeoNet before it failed, his father was one of the people who helped set up the wireless matrix -Like, he worked on setting it up, with only a very minor effect on the actual technology-, and that his father became a MONAD. His mother, an orc, is a VITAS survivor, and getting near her old age. He and his mother moved to Seattle after the fall of NeoNET, having originally lived close to Boston. In Seattle Noaido got a job with Shiawase, working on their predictive analytics team. He isn't a core member of the team, and due to being NeoNET originally is likely to have limited promotion potential. Still, it's a living, and he doesn't really have anything against it. Slightly more interesting is his home life. He's been into games, both matrix and real, since he was pretty young, and as he grew up it's only increased. Especially the Shadowrunner games. He never really thought he would be one, but it was fun to act life as one out when he had nothing better to do at home. He's met FastJack, fought against drakes and blood mages. Played everything from street sam to magic user. All within the game, of course. It was through this that he met HakJak, joining in with him on an online run. The two stayed in contact after, doing some of the tougher runs together, saving each other's hide every now and then. The first time that HakJak asked Noaido to help him out with an encrypted file, he thought it was part of the game. When he let a friend of HakJak's into his place of work and gave him a tour, he was just doing a favour for a friend of HakJak's who wanted to know what the place was like before applying for a position. When he provided fake credentials for an online data host he reckoned that what he was doing was probably not exactly legal, but he was sure HakJak had a good reason for it. When HakJak eventually fessed up to being an actual runner and that he needed some proper matrix backup to deal with a job... Well, HakJak was a friend, and if he was an actual, honest to goodness shadowrunner? Well, that was just really cool, and of course Noaido would help. It wasn't until he got an even cut from the pay for the job, and a link to the ShadowHaven app that Noaido realised... He was a Runner now, too.

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Day Job, 20 hours -

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  • HakJak - Connection 4, Loyalty 3 - Fixer (Networking)
  • Template:Contact - Connection 0, Loyalty 0 - Street Doc




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