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A Corporate Assassin
Mason [1]
Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. January 21st 2053
Folder [2]
Metatype - E
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - D
Skills - B
Resources - A

Character Information


She's driven, polite, energetic and perhaps a little too foolish. But there's more than this to somebody with her position.

She was born in a wealthy family in a developing city. She lived happily until she was about 24 years old, but at that point things changed.

She became more important and was becoming more cultured. With the help of great friends, she reached for the stars in a extraordinary world. But with her skills and curiosity, there's nothing to stop her from doing anything. She could quickly become an unstoppable force.

But there may be more to it than this; she is currently looking for a place to truly call home. She feels like there's more to learn in this world. Luckily she has a close group of friends to support her.


To become a hero for fun! Or, make some friends. Both work.


Kayleigh was like most wage slaves. Exactly that.

She went about her life like any other human did, with privelage and certainty that they would make it through the day. Yeah, sure. Tell that to the fraggers who changed all of that.

So Kayleigh is walkin' home one day from work. Drek day. Ever heard the sayin' when it rains it pours? Yeah, 'magine that. So, her husbands been cheatin' on her. Gets to work, told she's gonna be fired end o' the week. Leaves, these fraggin' weeners jump her. She's a bit pre-occupied yeah? Minds other places. Wham, knife to the gut. They kick her leg in, and just start hackin' sawin' flamin' y'know, weener drek.

She screams, she screams some more, she screams a bit louder. No-ones around. Well, someone is. Her fraggin' best friend from high school. S'me, by the way. So I come in to the rescue all, hero-like yeah? Wavin' my gun around like some fraggin' chip-head. The weeners don't scram till I unload into one of 'em.

So Kayleigh, now an easy eighty percent burn tissue, just lays there. Not a fraggin' clue what's goin' on. Or who I am yeah? So I pull my hood up, take her to hospital, and leave just the name of 'er old place-o-work in a little piece of paper in her pocket. So, they had to shill out the money to have 'er fixed, 'cos she's still technically workin' for 'em.

Don't hear nuffin' for like, a month. Check in on 'er every few days, comatose. One day, come in. She's fraggin' awake. Didn't tell her it was me done saved 'er, didn't let on I knew anythin' about it. Looked pretty as ever she did. 'Er eyes been all fixed up tah fit 'er better, a gift from the company 'pparently. She got these new limbs, all shnazzy. I thought they were real fer ages mahself.

She turns around to me right. These, gorgeous blue eyes. An' she looks at me says "I'm gonna run". Now, I'm thinkin' she means like, she's gonna run away. Tell her nah, she can come stay with me. "No, The shadows. I'm gonna run the shadows"

Well, turns out the drek the gave 'er was about, exactly what she needed tah get started doin' exactly that. Not the strongest cat, but she's quick. And nimble. And you can't fer the life of you hear 'er comin'. Oh, she's also awakened, cofirmed that mahself. Anyway, this's'my reference for 'er yeah? Five stars.

Hey Faaawkes~

Ah, drek. Right signin' off, Mockin'birds callin'.

Narrative Significant Qualities

"Drek Went Wrong" - TLE-X, IIID.

"I Will Be The Best" - Adept, Cybercompatability, Redliner.

Run History



Rolling Waves - Fixer - C6L1 Miguel Rivera - Cleaner - C2L3 Jane Foster - Street doc - C4L2




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

While not often remembered. The calling card of Mockingbird is precisely that. Bird calls in places neither birds nor calls should happen. Enjoy the song chummer, it's probably the last one...

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table



Typical "Blue Eyed Blonde Haired Babe" by most accounts. Subject to change when she doesn't feel like being that.


Almost 'always' high fashion. Even if told not to do that.

Matrix Persona

Highly customised, odd for a runner isn't it? Generally in the newest "On Trend" outfits, it's pretty much an Idealised version of herself. Close inspection may reveal, it's not very different from her actual self.

Media Mentions

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