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AAA Corporation
"The Future is Mitsuhama"
Connection 5
Type AAA Corporation
Player joinability? Yes
Health Maintaining
Location Worldwide (Headquarters: Kyoto, Japanese Imperial State)

Faction Information


Mitsuhama Computer Technologies started out as something of a money-laundering operation for several families of the Japanese Yakuza, before eventually growing into a megacorporate powerhouse. Founded by Taiga Mitsuhama, MCT originally focused on three primary divisions: Computer Technologies, Robotics and Heavy Industry. While these are still among the mainstay strengths of the corporation, in the years since they have also become a market leader in the field of magical supplies and services.

Today, MCT is the largest and most powerful megacorporation in the world, publically listed as #1 on the Corporate Court rankings. It remains to be seen, however, whether they will be able to hold on to that position.


  • Maintain its position as the #1 Megacorporation.
  • Obtain market dominance.

Major Locations


  • Toshiro Mitsuhama (President/CEO)
  • Samba Oi (Chairman of the Board)
  • Taiga "Tiger" Mitsuhama (Honorary Board Advisor)




Current Status

Health Summary