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Kostina “Kost” Petrov
Mundane Face
Ex-Slave Turned Runer
KurczdMadMan KurczdMadMan
Metatype Elf (Dryad)
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. June 7th 2055
Folder [1]
Metatype - D
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - C

Character Information


Ex-Bunraku girl who is quick with her Streetline Special and quicker with her tongue.


  • Avoid the Vory
  • Retire in peace with a permanent high (or better) lifestyle


Kostina was a bright girl who was going places. She studied hard and earned, or so she thought, passage to the UCAS where she was going to make something of herself. It turns out that the group that had arranged her transport was a Red Vory trap, and she ended up working in a Bunraku parlor.

Most of the time, she wasn’t herself, and the times that she was were almost unbearable. Still, she used that time to devise her escape. She learned seduction, and expressed a seemingly genuine interest in one of the guards. He taught her to use a gun and throw knives, skills which would serve her well. While the bunraku girls were not meant to use drugs (personafixes gave the Vory all the control they needed), the guard would sneak inn some Bliss which helped her endure her time in the parlor more easily.

Kostina continued to hone her more devious skills, until she saw the opportunity. The safe had been left open, and she knew there wouldn’t be a chance like this again. She took the money and left, shooting the guard who had helped her so much on the way out.

Kostina used the money to set herself up with a new identity and a new apartment, but she knew it wouldn’t last. Desperate, she sought out a brothel, lucking upon Madame Butterfly who saw more than another working girl.  Madam butterfly set her up to use the girl’s newfound skills. After a successful run, she continues to give her jobs. While Madame Butterfly says she is welcome to work in the shop aytime, Kostina has no desire to, and the madame does not expect her to ever take her up on it.

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Glamour: There is a distinct feeling that she is “more.” She moves with a grace that seems impossible for mortals, yet feels down to earth. When she speaks, you want to listen to her. This makes her great as a face, but also makes her very memorable. Not many forget the smoking 11/10 that they chatted up in the bar last night.
  • Wanted: Stole 50k from the Red Vory on her way out
  • Social Stress: When faced with someone Russian and especially if she knows they are Vory

Run History



  • Madame Butterfly: Connection 4, Loyalty 3 - Fixer
  • Rodney Bloom: Connection 2, Loyalty 3 – Swag (Generalist)
  • Christian Woods: Connection 4, Loyalty 2 - Swag (Drugs), Pharmacist
  • Harvey Sanders: Connection 4, Loyalty 1 – Shadow Services (Infobroker)
  • Alias: Connection 4, Loyalty 1  - Swag (SIN Forger)



  • Madame Butterfly: Connection 4, Loyalty 2 - Fixer
  • Rodney Bloom: Connection 2, Loyalty 2 – Swag (Generalist)
  • Christian Woods: Connection 4, Loyalty 2 - Swag (Drugs), Pharmacist
  • Harvey Sanders: Connection 4, Loyalty 1 – Shadow Services (Infobroker)
  • Alias: Connection 4, Loyalty 1  - Swag (SIN Forger)


  • Red Vory

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