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| combatants_header =  
| combatants_header =  
| combatant1  = ShadowHaven <br> Kani <br> Purkinje
| combatant1  = ShadowHaven <br> Kani <br> Purkinje
| combatant2  = Blood Mage cult
| combatant2  = Blood Mage cult <br> Mudge's coin tin
| casualties1 = Lots of nuyen
| casualties1 = Lots of nuyen
| casualties2 = 2 blood mages
| casualties2 = 2 blood mages <br> 2 coins for flipping
| campaignbox =  
| campaignbox =  

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Get That Glitch A Cannon
Blood Mage cult
Mudge's coin tin
Casualties and losses
Lots of nuyen 2 blood mages
2 coins for flipping


Kani and Purkinje killed 2 blood mages with cancer bullets


2 blood mages were running a blood mage cult worshipping Alt Wolf, but they later turned on wolf in favor of Raven, but seeing how Kani was in need of power, Alt Wolf decided to test her by killing the 2 mages.

The Meet

No meet, just wolf saying "hey kill these 2 lol"

The Plan


The Run

Kani went around Bellingham looking for traces of the mages. After much hunting and money, she found one of their commcodes, then called up Purkinje to hack the commlink and trace their location. Purkinje was successful, then they stormed their hotel room and killed the mages.


2 blood mages were killed and set on fire


5 Karma, Alt Wolf mentor spirit

Player After Action Reports (AARs)