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Character Information


Black magic user with a penchant for suits.


Currently Faust's main goal is to maintain his life style, and possibly get his hands on more magic.


David Mises' dad was a fixer, in the literal sense.Redmond is a district that runs on pirated everything, and there's not much warranty on piracy. David was taught to always listen to the boss, to appreciate hard work and what it could bring. Although it didn't stick the way his dad would've wanted.

Growing up David spend a lot of time sick, resenting being made to carry around rusting pipes and cords he didn't know where went, and never being able to afford much. While at the same time watching the glamour available on the pirated trid. There was better stuff, places where things felt "right", and places where you didn't run around in rags and overalls and somehow still ended up robbed.

One day something in him told him, he could have that. There was no need to settle for all of this, all he had to do was go out in the world and ask, say yes to whatever was offered, and one day he would have everything he ever wanted. He hasn't quite gotten that yet, but he has said yes to rather a lot of things. He currently finances spending as large a percentage of his life as possible in loud clubs and quiet cafes by shadowrunning.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Social Apperance Anxiety: Fausts self worth is tied up with his appearance. His self image and identity is modelled after an image of perfection.

Mentor Spirit Seducer: Faust chases the "Good life", as he has defined it in a very shallow sense. Drugs, sex, nice clothes, wealth, fame, and magic all represent this good life to him. His magic is intimiately tied up with this perception.

Symbiosis: Maybe it's the memories of the Barrens, maybe it's the fact that he is biologically tied to the land. Either way, Faust will not live in a shithole, and will cut as many deals as he must to make sure he doesn't.

Run History



  • Jean Jacques Pierre - Connection 5, Loyalty 1 - Tailor (Swag)
  • Madame Butterfly - Connection 4, Loyalty 2 - Fixer
  • Dan Talbot `- Connection 4, Loyalty 2 - Black Magic Talismonger (Swag)
  • Da-Xia Wu - Connection 2, Loyalty 2 - Networker (Shadow services)




In Character Information

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Alexander Kelly. UCAS National. (Rating 4) Mage license (Rating 4)


Faust is a very attractive looking man, with pale skin and blonde hair which he hair at a medium length, although it would be hard to tell the exact length due to his fastidious hair regiment that includes an astounding amount of blowdrying, combing and mousse.


Faust based his new persona on trid stars and corporate execs, and he has gotten the look down to a T. He is always impeccably dressed in a suit and tie if he can at all help it. Everything is prim and proper and in its place.

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