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|label5 = Player
|label5 = Player
|data5 = u/KarnTheGolemKing
|data5 = u/KarnTheGolemKing (discord MikeV)
|label6= Metatype
|label6= Metatype
|data6 = Human
|data6 = Human
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==Run History==
==Run History==
A Daring Rescue [https://www.reddit.com/r/ShadowHaven/comments/e43lhe/a_darring_rescue_01122019_1230_utc_730am_est/f98hryy/?context=3 <nowiki>[1]</nowiki>]: 01-12-2019

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Trauma "Doc"
Aspected Enchanter
Former Docwagon HRT
Player u/KarnTheGolemKing (discord MikeV)
Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. February 25th 2047
Folder https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nMazcqTclZxmYVEdAJ0bGjPnuLlzyjlq
Metatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - B
Resources - D

Character Information


Human enchanter who tends to favor supporting team members but has no qualms about showing where each artery can be found in the body.


  • Nice cushy life away from the medical world
  • Opening a talismonger shop


I've always been to nice, anyone who genuinely needs help I can't refuse and that cost me my job at Docwagon. After a run gone wrong several people needed medical attention however helping them broke extraterritoriality, not helping meant many would probably suffer and die before getting proper medical aid. Guess which one I picked, and that same kind of choice is probably gonna get me killed but right now I make due as a street doc on some rundown strip of Seattle but it's not enough bills are getting tighter and tighter, now I am doing the same job that nearly got me killed over and over again just without the health insurance.

Narrative Significant Qualities

National Sin (Tony Anderson, UCAS)

Mild Allergy/Phobia (Bees!): Kill them with fire.

Dayjob (Street Doc): Old habits die hard I guess, only place that would really take me after I was retired.

Mentor Spirit (Firebringer): I may come off as cold and calculating but I genuinely have the desire to help those who need it.

Practiced Alchemist (Doubles the hours preparations last before decaying): I've been doing alchemy for a very long time, I may not be powerful but my alchemy preparations last for a ridiculous time.

Durable Preparations (Preparations last Potency x 3 hours before decaying): You learn tricks of the trade after awhile.

Run History

A Daring Rescue [1]: 01-12-2019



  • Alessa P - Connection 4, Loyalty 2 - Fixer (Networking)




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


Rating 3 SIN: John Alliaster (UCAS Mage)


5'7" Human average build with brown eyes and long straight black hair pulled up into a ponytail.


Usually scrubs when just out of work, but usually never far from his leather trench coat and backpack.

Matrix Persona

Media Mentions

ShadowGrid Profile Comments