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To create new news articles, follow the template on Template:News. News articles are very freeform, but it is advised to make use of Template:NewsHeader to ensure necessary SemanticWiki tags are in place.

Party Egg Evacuated7 July 2081
OtherCon and RRP Sign Cooperation Agreement, Proposed Rezoning, Airport Traffic9 June 2081
Princess Rosemary found dead4 June 2081
Mitsuhama Unveils New Drone Based On Old Flatvid4 June 2081
Redmond Kidnapping Spree, Drones Abroad31 May 2081
Taco Temple Purchase 5-28-208129 May 2081
A Master Challenge28 May 2081
UCAS Judge Gets Twenty Years In Corruption Case23 May 2081
Entwined Hearts Ring Exhibit Visits Seattle23 May 2081
Princess Hunt Still In Action21 May 2081
From: Ace Powers; Keeping Mr. Fujiwara in Our Thoughts20 May 2081
A Message To ShadowHaven I14 May 2081
Incident at Solace!14 May 2081
Notice to Taco Temple Customers6 May 2081
Barrens Arsonist Given Life Sentence29 April 2081
Popular Princess Prenuptually Pilfered!26 April 2081
The UCAS Princess Settles on a Wedding Location!21 April 2081
Runners Gone Wild A Smash9 April 2081
Charity Executive Dies in Freak Golfing Accident3 April 2081
Gas Leak Leads to Robbery at Tacoma Mall30 March 2081
To the Little Wannabe Hero Mage25 February 2081
Horizon/Spinrad Promo Music Trideo Topping Charts8 February 2081
Doomsday Clock Raid6 February 2081
Superbowl CIV23 January 2081
AR Paper Raining Upon The Streets5 January 2081
Pound Personell Shatter Christmas Morning Calm25 December 2080
The End of an Era1 December 2080
Living Arcade Machine Discovered in Redmond17 November 2080
Interview With Derelict Hardware24 October 2080
Catastrophic Heating Failure in Tacoma Warehouse14 October 2080
Emergency Potter Admin Meeting Regarding Critical Structural Damage to Evo Seattle HQ12 October 2080
Arson in MCT Subsidiary Basement7 October 2080
Still Not Safe3 October 2080
The Secret of Mirage Island3 October 2080
The Weebs Are At It Again2 October 2080
Seattle Underdogs Win Big30 September 2080
The Uses of Paranoia28 September 2080
Sex Work and Shadowrunning22 September 2080
Daniella Palau19 September 2080
Knight Errant Executes Arrest Warrant Of Serial Killer17 September 2080
Training Drill Causes Disturbance at Ares Tower15 September 2080
Seattle insecurity Providers29 August 2080
The Last 3 Seconds of Combat at the Spruce Knob Proving Grounds28 August 2080
A not so qiuet Neighborhood27 August 2080
Nothing is as it Seems27 August 2080
Two Star Blues at the One Star Bar27 August 2080
Night of Fire the 2nd18 August 2080
Cyberware Manifesto Renamed Unwanted EVOlution, Denounces Evo in Self Titled Album1 June 2080
Memo Regarding Recent Attacks on Project Pyro Facilities20 May 2080
Technocrat Corinne Potter Wins Election21 June 2079
Troubled Tanamyre Treading Water11 January 2079
Rook Death Annoucement1 January 2079
Missing body, Knight Errant sends out reward25 December 2078
Wonton Destruction24 December 2078
Firewatch Members Gives Lives, Use Orbital Laser to Defend Seattle from Wasps Spirits8 December 2078
Chaos Grips Seattle During Brackhaven's Final Hours as Governor8 September 2078

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