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NameArchetypeOwnerMetroplexNeighborhoodBackground CountNoiseFaction
Bell-Red StreetRunner Community SeattleOn the Bellevue side of the Bellevue-Touristville border00Bell-Red Neighborhood Watch
Crime MallMallSeattlePuyallup
Last Hope PawnshopPawnshopFerdinand GraySeattleTacoma
Low Blow Martial Arts ShopMartial arts dojo, and sports equipment shop.Roger HendrixSeattleRedmond12
Old School IC ChatMatrix ChatroomSysOp TANJMatrixGlow City00ShadowHaven
Runner Bar 16BarSeattleTouristville22
SolaceChurch of all FaithsSeattleTouristville00Solace
Squatters GymBarrens GymJacqueline MetcalfeSeattleTouristville22
Vagabond ChickBarSeattleTouristville01
Wardog's TaproomBarWardogSeattleTacoma, near the docks1 (Shamanism)2
Whiskey Bottom SaloonBarSeattleSnohmish