Ares Macrotechnology

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Ares Macrotechnology
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AAA Corporation
Worldwide Corporation
"Making the world a safer place."
Connection 5
Type AAA Corporation
Player joinability? Yes
Health Maintaining
Location Worldwide (Headquarters: Detroit, Michigan)

Faction Information


Most shadowrunners know Ares from their Ares Arms division, and with good reason. The Ares Predator is the staple sidearm for the discerning runner. Previously run by wealthy playboy Damien Knight, the corp has a reputation as a very “American” outfit: gung-ho, militaristic, patriotic, and individualistic Mom and apple pie, in other words. Don’t let that fool you, sure they’re one of the better megas to work shadow ops for, but keep your eyes open, because they can be as underhanded as the rest. And lately, they have an edge of desperation.

The complete failure of the Ares Excalibur gun was the first visible symptom, but as time as past it has become clear that there is a rot at the heart of Area, an ongoing war that is claiming some of their best talent. Whether they will survive this war and regain their swagger or be weakened to the point that their many enemies start tearing them limb from limb is not yet clear.

Ares specializes in law enforcement, military hard ware and arms, aerospace (they have five orbital habitats), entertainment, automotive (the former General Motors is also part of the Ares family), and smaller divisions in many other areas. Oh, and they own Knight Errant, one of the largest private law enforcement firms on the planet.

In a turn of events, the Draco Foundation entrusted the Gavilan shares to Nicholas "Young Nick" Aurelius. Now Knight had both Vogel, a young fortune inheritor who bought a large amount of shares of the corporation, and Aurelius on the board to contend with. And they went into immediate action, recalling Corporate Court Rep. Paul Graves, and installed Vogel's own Michele Borden.

On September 5, 2074 Young Nick Aurelius is killed after jumping out of his gulf stream jet at 10000 meters. This is believed to be suicide although there is some evidence of wasp spirits near by. For a while it seemed the Aurelius legacy was removed from Ares for good.

However, victory was short lived, as Nadja Daviar had returned to assume control of Gavilan Ventures and undo the damage Knight had done to the company and with it came Nick's father Leonard who has returned to take the throne from Knight himself.


To climb the corporate supremacy ladder.

To sustain a large part of the weapon industries market.

To create a monopoly.

Major Locations

  Ares Arms
  Location: Baltimore, Maryland
  Manager: General Guido Cantarelli
  Ares CFS
  Location: Cupertino, CFS
  Manager: Kyle Morton
  Ares Europe
  Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
  Manager: Soren Johansson
  Ares Global Entertainment
  Location: Paris, France
  Manager: Troy Carpenter
  Ares Macrotechnologies (Tir Tairngire)
  Location: Salem, Tir Tairngire
  Manager: Walter Dorek
  Ares UCAS
  Location: New York, UCAS
  Manager: Retired Marines Officer Karen King
  Ares Space
  Location: Houston, Texas
  Manager: Charles Pollack
  General Motors
  Location: Detroit, Michigan
  Manager: Eugene Fischer
  Knight Errant Security Services 
  Location: Detroit, Michigan
  Manager: Roger Soaring Owl


Leonard Aurelius, CEO




Current Status

With the recent loss of Nick Aurelius the younger the company has taken a grievous wound, despite the fact that he was quickly replaced by capable leadership. Conflicting ideals and rapid changes do not work well for a company this size.

Health Summary