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A-ranked Corporation
A subsidiary of Mitsuhama Computer Technologies
Connection 3
Type Corporation
Player joinability? Yes
Health Maintaining
Location Worldwide, based in Cairo

Faction Information


The Apep Consortium is an A-ranked conglomerate consisting of three unrated corps: the Nubian Insurance Company, the United Bank of Panama, and Jomaku Industries. Bizarrely, despite being comprised of corps focused on banking, insurance and technology, the Consortium is an archaeological organization; ostensibly concerned with acquiring ancient and magical artifacts to be sold for profit, especially those of Egyptian and north African origin. Despite of this apparent motivation however, very few of the artifacts acquired by the Consortium ever seem to be sold for a profit or allowed to leave their possession. Clearly, the organization isn't interested in financial recompense.

Though it was previously independent, the Apep Consortium was acquired by Mitsuhama in 2078. Since then, MCT has actually channeled funding of its own into its new subsidiary, surprising many who expected to see it liquidating the Consortium's assets for public sale.

The name of the organization is drawn from Egyptian mythology. Together with its focus on the North African Near-East, and the fact that its goals do not seem to be financial in nature, some have speculated that the Consortium may be hunting the secrets to immortality that ancient Egyptian mages allegedly had unlocked.


  • Collect ancient artifacts

Major Locations

Cairo, Egypt. Headquarters.

Giza, Egypt. Major research/dig site.




  • Mitsuhama Computer Technologies


Current Status

Health Summary

The Apep Consortium is currently doing better than ever, benefitting from their acquisition by MCT and the increased funding it has brought them.




Tomb Breaker