Annar le Mael

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Annar le Mael
The Doctor
Contact Owner Your_Handle
Connection 6
Public Contact? Yes
Archetype Shadow Services
Location Renton, Seattle
Metatype Human
Sex Female
Age Appears early twenties
Preferred Payment Method Nuyen or living test subjects
Hobbies/Vice Medical Experiments
Personal Life Single
Faction Streets Of Renton


Movran le Mael runs a talismonger and healing shop with his sister Annar le Mael. They used to act as court healers, making house calls and selling alchemical concoctions to well paying nobles, but recently started a shop in Seattle- coinciding with Aeneas Inhacre's relocation. Their rumored affiliation to the Eclipse faction of the Seelie Court has little basis in reality- or at least this one, anyways- many fae believe otherwise and are wise to do so.

Modus Operadi

  • Maintains various Circle of Healing rituals within their shop. They apply to themselves and any patients that physically come to their shop.
    • Increased Attribute (WIL, LOG, and BOD) at Force 6 with 4 nets.
    • Healthy Glow at Force 4 with 4 nets.
    • These are average results. If Movran fails to obtain these results, he'll retry/edge. On average he spends 25hrs a week taking care of these.
  • Spends the remainder of her work week creating alchemical preps with Movran, dealing with walk-in customers, and doing healing house calls, often employing Movran's Empathic Healing and Transmit Damage (ie, taking the damage unto himself, and then, unless they pay quite the premium, moving it onto a servant or something provided by the patient) and then having Annar handle the real healing of the (new) patient at their shop.

Key Dice Pools

  • Alchemy (Contact) - 24
  • Medicine (Magical Health) - 30
  • Ritual Spellcasting (Health Spells) - 13
  • Drain resist - 20
  • Healing via rest - 26 stun, 24 phys. Plus benefits of Annar's Medicine check.


  • Creating preparations: 900nY per hour
  • Healing drain: 900nY per hour (if stun), 21,600nY per day (if physical)

Stat Block

B A R S W L I C Ess Magic Edge
4(8) 2 2 2 6(10) 6(10) 2 2 6 6 1
Condition Monitor 12/12 phys 13/13 stun
Limits Physical 4, Mental 11, Social 7(9)
Initiative 4 + 1D6
Skills Alchemy (Contact) 10+2, Ritual Spellcasting (Spell) 11+2, Medicine (Magical Health) 15+2
Knowledge Skills Politics (Seelie Court, Dunaan, Failed Schemes) 10+2, Para-zoology (Western Europe) 10+2, Magical Theory (Enchanting) 2+2, Accounting (Forensic) 2+2, Sperethiel (Eireann) [N], 1pt in various languages
Ware None
Adept Powers Improved Ability (Medicine) R6, Rapid Healing R3 (R6), Heightened Concern, Facial Sculpt R1, Melanin Control, Linguistics
Gear F6 Alchemy Focus

F6 Ritual Spellcasting Focus (Health)

F6 Qi Focus of Rapid Healing


Vault of Ages R5 x 3

Medkit R6

Fetishes for all 12 preparations

2k of various reagents

Weapons None
  • Preparations: Increase Attribute (CHA, LOG, BOD), Prophylaxis, Levitate, Mob Mind, Analyze Device, Foreboding, Heal, Shapechange, Physical Barrier, Offensive Mana Barrier


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Nero Even

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