Alexey Dorosov

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Alexey Dorosov
Pc orkmale 01b soldier.png
Fixer {Go work for him. Or else.}
Vory Leader
Contact Owner SCKoNi
Connection 5
Public Contact? Yes
Archetype Fixer
Location Redmond Barrens, Seattle
Metatype Ork
Awakened/Emerged Mundane
Sex Male
Age 28
Preferred Payment Method Nuyen, Booze, Big Guns
Hobbies/Vice Gambling, Drinking, Fighting, Whoring, and many others.
Personal Life Bachelor (don't ask)
Faction Red Vory
Special? Yes


The Vory as a whole have a reputation for being hard, tough, and ruthless. For Alexey Dorosov, these traits were just something he was born with. A giant of an Orc, standing at almost two and a half meters tall of chiseled muscle and shining chrome. His skin is marked with tattoos and symbols of all kinds, and he bears his fangs long and sharp with the pride of a true Ork. He values strength and daring, and aspires to emulate these in his the way he does business.

He arrived in Seattle a few months ago from somewhere in Eastern Europe. Some rumors say that he was a Vory hit-man there, others that he's been sent by the inner circle to expand their operations in the metroplex. Whatever the case, his arrival caused a radical shift in the power structure of the gang in Redmond, with rapid, and brutal internal purges cementing him as the alpha dog within the Vory in Redmond.

But don't be fooled by his brutish exterior, Alexey is no dumb beast. Behind his ferocious visage lies a cunning, if almost bestial, mind. He's ambitious, loud, and doesn't take drek from anyone.


  • For Red Vory runners there is no markup if buying guns, armor, or vehicles from Alexey.
  • Loyalty is capped at 3 for runners who are not members of the Red Vory.

Key Dice Pools

  • Negotiation (Bargaining) 16(18)
  • Etiquette (Organized Crime) 15(17)
  • Indimidation (Physical) 21(23)

Stat Block

B A R S C I L W Edge Essence Magic
9 4(7 Right Arm) 3 (5) 8 4 5 3 5 5 2 0
Condition Monitor 14 (Physical), 11 (Stun)
Limits Physical (10), Mental (6), Social (5)
Initiative 10+1d6
Skills Intimidation 8 (Physical), Negotiation: 7 (Bargaining); Etiquette 6 (Organized Crime); Con 5 (Fast Talk), Unarmed 6 (Cyber-Implants), Exotic Weapon (Lasers) 6
Knowledge Skills Serbian: N, English: 5, Underworld: 6, Shadow Community: 5, Area Knowledge Seattle: 4, Black Market: 6
Gear and Property Lifestyle (High), Vory Club (Whorehouse), Fuchi Cyber-X7, R.O.H.I.L. (Rapidly Oscillating High Intensity Laser) aka prototype Heavy Repeating Laser weapon obtained through runners, Numerous cybernetic implants and a bulk-modded cyberarm, an armory of guns.
Armor Armor Jacket, Dermal Plating 3
Vehicles Ares Roadmaster


Player Characters with this Contact

Name Chips Owed/Owned
Crosswind Even
Kitten Even
Cyber Knight Even
Marionette Even
Paz Even
Ice Cube Even

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