A Nineteenth Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The Phoenix

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A Nineteenth Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The Phoenix
6 Halloweeners
Casualties and losses
5 Halloweeners


Your comlink buzzes with a new notification from the ShadowHaven app, it is a drone base photo of several Halloweeners standing inside the glass facade of a Touristville storage building. There is a second photo focusing on a female human Halloweener frantically throwing boxes with various chemical hazard warnings on them.

"Holy drek...that's Crazy Lizzy. She is always slotting around with fragging crazy chemicals...oh drek...She has fragging Retro in those storage units. Fragging Retro in weaponized form. I think they are all the way in the back of the storage unit and she'll need to clear everything out and that maybe the wrong storage unit, but they are going to deploy fragging retro on us. They could barely fight us from the beginning and know they are going to fragging us to win this. Crazy slotters. Fragging stop them!"


Runner were hired to stop Launching of chemical weapons by Halloweeners on Vintage Misery.

The Meet

The Johnson Called the runners panicked asking for immediate help.

The Plan

The runners had no time to plan they left straight for the action.

The Run

The runners snuck past KE into and self storage depot and proceeded to trace the location of the Halloweeners to the third floor. They breached the doorway from the stairwell firing a smoke grenade blinding all but the troll and opened up with a volley of fire taking the Troll by surprise and put the Halloweeners into a rain of bullets, arrows, and well timed matrix actions. The Halloweeners were dropping one by one and the last two made a last ditch effort to fire a missile at the runners but were unable to get a shot off before they were also picked off. After a short confrontation about leaving survivors the runners decided to part ways.


Despite not leaving on the best of terms the job was successfully completed. One of the Halloweeners survived being carried off by the runner known as Pandora.


22000 nuyen. 2 karma.

Player After Action Reports (AARs)