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Drug Dealer {Swag}
(Business savvy drug dealer)
Contact Owner [1]
Connection 2
Public Contact? Yes
Archetype Drug Dealer
Location Kirkland, Seattle
Metatype Human
Sex Male
Age 25
Preferred Payment Method (Cash)
Hobbies/Vice Bad Habit (Novacoke)
Personal Life Single
Faction Unaligned


Zed wouldn't call himself a drug dealer, rather an entrepeneur. He's as business savy as someone who grew up on the streets can be. Always trying to expand his market, undercut his competition, and other terms be hardly understands himself.

Key Dice Pools

Negotiation 10[5]

Drugs 7[4]

Underworld 7[4]

Stat Block

B A R S W L I C Ess Edge Magic
3 4 3 4 3 3 3 4 3.5 2 None
Condition Monitor 10
Limits Physical 5, Mental 4, Social 5
Initiative 6+1d6
Skills Automatics 3, Con 2, Etiquette 3, Intimidation 2, Negotiation 6, Perception 2
Knowledge Skills BTL 3, Drug Labs 4, Drygs 4, Smuggling Routes 3, Underworld 4
Gear Armor Jacket, Bone Lacing (Aluminum), Dermal Plating (3), Bliss (10x), Cram (10x), Erika Elite, Jazz (10x), Kamikaze (10x), Psyche (10x)
Weapons Uzi IV [SMG, Acc 5, DV 7P, AP -, BF, 24 (clip)] w/ Flashlight, Folding stock, Laser sight, Sling, (100x) Regular ammo, (100x) Stick-n-Shock
Vehicles Harley-Davidson Scorpion

Handling 4, Handling (Off-Road) 3, Speed 4, Acceleration 2, Body 8, Pilot 1, Sensor 2, Seating 1, Device Rating 1, Data Processing 1, Firewall 1

Condition Monitor: 16

Armor: 9

Vehicle Mods:

Metahuman adjustment: troll


Player Characters with this Contact

Name Chips Owed/Owned
Stray Even

NPC who know this contact

Facts about "Zed"
ArchetypeDrug Dealer +
Connection2 +
FactionUnaligned +
GenderMale +
Has nameZed +
LocationKirkland, Seattle +
MetatypeHuman +
ProfessionDrug Dealer +