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Drug Fueled Former Otaku Hacker
Player /u/Nitsuj83
Metatype Male Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Comments on Shadowgrid Profile "Zip through the trix and pop I'm in!"
D.O.B. November 26th 2044
Folder Link
Priority Extra Life Prime Runner
Metatype(Human) - D
Attributes - B
Resonance - C
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


Former Otaku who has been running the shadows since he was 11 years old. He was there the day the matrix crashed in 2064 and only through coping with drugs and alcohol has he been able to deal with the fading of his youthful powers and the unexpected resurgence of the resonance. First and foremost he is a skilled hacker, sleazing his way through the matrix almost his entire life. However he is also capable even outside of being passed out in overwatch, and his willingness, and effectiveness with combat drugs shows.


Just try and make it day by day in a world that still fears and hates his kind. Perhaps make his indefinite mark on the matrix outside the looming shadows of the former paragons.


Born in 2044 Z-Trip was among the first wave of metahumans that emerged as Otaku. While most had tenuous relationships with deckers Zane was raised by one, his father. Having never really known his mother other than she was an Azzie shaman that died shortly after he died, it fell to his father a half Tir Na Nog half Cantonese elven hacker going by the street name Ganesh, to raise the young boy. By the time he was sixteen that is when he first heard the siren calls of Deus disguised as the deep resonance. The distance between father and son grew steadily the more the young Otaku grew enamored with his paragon. His father had always trusted his son and unlike other deckers was not jealous or spiteful towards this new breed of hackers, but instead supported his son. However, this deep resonance that his son seemed to be worshiping troubled him.

It was during the events of the Renraku Arcology Shutdown that Ganesh would loose his life, his brain being fried by deus as the skilled elven decker did everything in his power along with countless others to try and take out this rogue AI. It wasn't until it was to late that Z-Trip realized the truth of the matter, and how much his father loved him with that sacrifice. Z-Trip struggled to find his place after those events and leading up to Crash 2.0. The fading of his otaku powers began to strike quickly, which he tried to curtail through the use of dissonance. However, unlike with his willingness to follow the deep resonance when he was younger he was able to see the signs of trouble with this path and instead decided to accept the loss of his powers with some modicum of grace. It was all for naught however for when the Matrix Crash 2.0 hit when he was twenty-one his life changed yet again. Like most people he was lost in the dark but there was a constant thumping, like a constant drum beat in a synthwave song. At first he tried to drown out the sound with drugs, BTL's, and drink but the more he tried to ignore the thrumming vibrations the stronger they grew. Until it was that he emerged as a technomancer in a flurry of static discharge.

Much has transpired since that time, and in the nearly fifteen years he has spent much of that time running the shadows. Unlike many of his kind he was able to avoid the bounties of the mid to late sixties. With what happened as a child as an Otaku he can't bring himself to join a tribe. Instead he seems content in his isolation, only offering a hollow smile to those he knows. For the only peace he knows lies within the resonance realms.

Narrative Significant Qualties

  • Driven

He is driven to prove the man can't keep him down and once he has the data from one of every Big 10 host he will be able to prove it to himself.

  • Prank Warrior: Gynosphynx

No one knows or remembers who threw the first acid like code at the other, but ever since they met as young white path otaku Z-Trip and his female counterpart Gynosphynx have had an escalating series of encounters where they try and out do the other in seeing how far they can mess with their matrix work, without crossing the line of breaking the shadow code.

For GMs:

The character has an ongoing prank war with another hacker, but the proportions are a little bit out of hand. What started out as a joke is now as funny as a serial killer with clown makeup. The other hacker will randomly track you down and mess with you and your team, even (especially) in dangerous situations. The hacker will never quite go all the way—just enough to make you sweat rather profusely. For example, the hacker may randomly fire off a few Data Spikes at your gear, enough to half-brick it, or contact security of the facility you are invading and tip them off that someone is infiltrating, but without actually giving them your exact position or identity. They may hack your cybereyes to make you see things that aren’t there, and so on. Don’t think turning off your wifi is going to help—that will just make the hacker escalate his offensive, while crippling yourself. This quality should come into play at least once per play session.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Statement of IntentDrBurstYou Can't Fight Us All - The Rise of ShadowHaven10 June 2078



  • Djinn - Connection 5, Loyalty 2 Fixer
  • Candi Kane - Connection 1, Loyalty 6 Simsense Star/Personal Taxi
  • Lt. Rebbeca Montez - Connection 5, Loyalty 2 KE Homicide Detective
  • Tiffany "Tif" Biliquis - Connection 6, Loyalty 1 Personal Shadow Shopper
  • Jake Tapper - Connection 1, Loyalty 2 Barrens Bum



Organization Rep
ShavenHaven 2
Renault Corp 2



In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


  • Declan McMannus - Rating 4 Fake Nation SIN (UCAS)


Meat Space

With glowing azure eyes Zane looks out upon the rest of the sixth world with a wry detachment. Standing just above average height (for a human) with tightly packed, wiry muscles physically he is hardly anything that impressive. Usually a rakish smirk can be seen on the young man's lips while he seemingly looks out on the passerby wage-slave traffic with aloof indifference. Upon closer examination the cyan haired techno has a series of matching tattoos that seem to span the entirety of his upper body in what looks like to be a pattern resembling raw matrix code, it even seems to appear to shift and move like structure code does when viewing the tattoos through AR. However, even with the strange eyes, hair, and tattoos he is hardly anything out of the ordinary, just another shifty punk kid from the bottoms. Instead of rocking some wiz car or bike like many other respectable (oxymoron?) shadowrunners, he instead relies on his skateboard and rides from his girl friend Candi Kane


Z-Trip is usually seen wearing a simple black v-neck t-shirt and some vintage pair of boot legged jeans, rocking a pair of '55 Jordan's . In addition to this he often can be seen wearing a modified army parka (armor jacket) with a white fur lining around the hood (shock frill.)

Matrix Persona

As opposed to how he looks in meat space the living persona of Z-Trip is truly a sight to behold. He is no larger than he is normally, fitting the standard size of any other living persona one might of seen. However the deep detail and complexity of the glowing persona is truly beautiful. He appears as cyan and azure colored sphinx.

Tastes and Style

Trid Genre: Azzy Ork Soap Opera - "Todos mis Orkos" is his favorite

Music: NaN Neo Techno/ Jappenese Ork Death Metal / Sinthcore

Food: Wasabi Honey SoyChips/ Strawberry Moloko Plus(Usually with Loco (Psyche + Red Mescaline) and Nova as the Plus), Shio Style Ramen.

Past Times: Skateboarding, making mixes, deep diving into the matrix, writing apps

Media Mentions

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