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Krime hires runners to sabotage all the advertisement blimps and drones of Horizon and display Krime propaganda for a whole weekend. They wanted to do this by abducting a Horizon executive decker and have their own nerd impersonate him for a weekend.


The meet happened at the Big Rhino


The runners got a fake SIN for Ranger to socially infiltrate Horizon and pose as an interview candidate for a job. Cyber Knight and Paladin rented a combat chopper and waited as Ranger knocked out the target and tried to exfil him. CK and Paladin stormed the lobby with grenades and after corpsec saw their tasers weren't effective at all against Cyber Knight, they surrendered before being knocked out by Paladin's Narcoject grenade. The exfil happened without any further resistance. The runners had also successfully conned the npc decker working for Krime to pay a little extra for baby sitting him through the weekend in case his charade doesnt work and HTR comes knocking.


The npc runner nerd was able to pose as the kidnapped target for a weekend, preventing Horizon from doing anything about Krime sabotaging their blimps.


26000 nuyen, 3 karma

Player AARs

Cyber Knight

WFTP 10000 to 5 karma

AAR: Aw yeah this was easy peasy. Dude the corpsec were tagging me with tasers! I just stood there and took em without flinching. Should have seen the look on their faces XD. Like if I was a security inspector I'd give them an F because their security was shiiiiiieettttt. Now I'll hand it to them that they were smart enough to listen to reason and lay down their weapons and everybody went home with in 1 piece. I'd call that a happy ending.