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Street Soldier
International Muscle For Hire
Name [MadmanRobi]
Metatype Ork
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. 8th,October, 2049
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Character Information


Sprawl ganger who made it big with the groups in the FEZ, and began working internationally as muscle for anyone with the yerz to hire him.


After seeing the error of his ways after a decent career in the Shadows, he wants to find a way back to the FEZ to see the family he abandoned before his faulty cybernetics kill him.


Tsao Lung was born in the Kowloon sprawl in the FEZ, and like most SINless non-people, grew up into illicit work to survive day to day. After goblinizing as a teen, he used his new-found size and toughness to pull scores on the local gangs, eventually earning the recognition of the various triads in the area. After a few runs for them, corporate suits found their way through the triad's channels to contact him for 'executive security' work. He racked up a number of good scores in the FEZ, made a good name for himself, and began to enjoy the high life he found himself in; that was until an Ork woman revealed she was carrying his children. He decided to use what face he had to escape the FEZ, and set up a new life in the UCAS to maintain the glitzy image he's established. Eleven years later, after more runs and getting some chrome put into him, he learned the very 'ware he's relied on for so long will eventually kill him, with faulty reflex enhancements altering his GABA to an unhealthy level, which will kill him of a stroke, sooner or later. With the sand in his hourglass running out, he wants to go back and see the family he abandoned at least once before he dies, and failing that, leave them something to ease their lives.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Borrowed Time: His wired-reflexes were discontinued, black market models for a reason. The GABA inhibitors that allow for enhanced perception of reality are scarring his neuro-chemistry, and will eventually kill him...he just has no idea when.

Big Regret: Everyone makes mistakes, and Tsao's no exception. When he was nineteen, he impregnated one of the many girlfriends he had in Hong Kong, and upon hearing this news, he fled the country to run in shadows elsewhere. Now, his children are eleven, almost adults by Ork standards, and he wants to see them at least once before the end...maybe find some kind of closure, if not forgiveness.

Run History

Xianyang started out like any other SINless non-person; street scum, in the blood and grime with everyone else, but he managed to stab, punch, and steal his way up the social ladder with a series of personal scores, like heists on Sony trucks or NeoNet stores. Word is he even once bounced a Rolls Royce, but reports vary on how. The triads started giving him work as low end muscle, and eventually put him in touch with a Mr. Hu for some special interest work. Mr. Hu spread his resume around, and he began working for corporations and syndicates alike, acting as the brute for any team.


The Red Dragon Triad, The Cook


  • Benny - Connection 5, Loyalty 1 - Safe House Master (Shadow Sevices)

- Dwarf safehouse master, well respected and well connected by the section of shadow community that works with him and uses his services throughout the Sprawl.

  • Symone Tandy - Connection 1, Loyalty 4 - Street Doc "Shaman"

- A street shaman who uses her powers, and the guidance of the great Earth Mother, to heal the sick and injured. A frequent helper of Xianyang, and one of his 'girlfriends'.

  • The Cook - Connection 6, Loyalty 1 - Fixer

- An enigmatic drug kingpin who dominates the Seattle scene with little tolerance for competition. He commonly brokers runners to syndicates, gangs, and in some cases, corporations. Everyone knows his name and reputation, but no one knows his identity.

  • David Lee - Connection 1, Loyalty 5 - Sprawl Ganger

- Ork ganger from Seattle. Small time hustler and dealer for The Cook, and after working a few deals with Xianyang, he is now his closest friend.

  • Charon Lee - Connection 1, Loyalty 4 - College Student (Info Gathering)

- David Lee's sister. An academic above the trog stereotype, but who will still give information to her brother and his friends when needed.


The Red Dragon Triad

The Cook's Drug Ring


The Red Dragon


The Cook


In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


Jordie Bing - UCAS Seattle National. (R.4)


Bald, ochre skinned, Chinese Ork man standing almost nine feet tall, weighing two-hundred-fifty pounds in muscle, with a few Triad tattoos that are hidden by his clothing.


Nylon casual wear, typically track pants and tank tops, with custom designs, day-glo colors, and a tight fit to show off his natural bulk.

Matrix Persona

A bald Ork in a black and white suit & tie.

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