Whispers In The Dark

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Whispers In The Dark
Part of Dance Around The Fire That We Once Believed - The Ex-Firewatch Story
LocationOrk Underground, Tunnels underneath Redmond
Factions Involved
Independent Trog Runners
Sons of Sauron
Redmond Underground Infected
Bug Spirits
Commanders and leaders
Nora Inu
The Queen


"Breaking News! A coalition of non- and ex-corporate forces are fighting a bug infestation underneath the city of Seattle.

[Live Feed 1 (Trideo support by Cyclops Electronics, your friendly neighbourhood shop for all sensor and recording needs)]
[Live Feed 3(Ex-Firewatch)] - [Live Feed 4]
[Live Feed 12] - [Live Feed 13] - [Live Feed 14 (Sauron's Mace]
[Live Feed 17 (gun cam!)]
[Highlight Reel (best kills)] - [Highlight Reel (narrative recap)]"


While helping a former subordinate escape the clutches of the Yakuza, Nora Inu barely avoids running into the clutches of bug spirits while navigating the tunnels of the Ork Underground underneath Redmond. In a later run, she overhears Yokai, a local legend, proclaim himself the slayer of otherworldly monstrosities and all who would threaten the existence of this world. They meet at Troll Stack to talk shop while chowing down on a barrel of blueberry pancakes. They'll need two things: Allies, and proof of these spirits to get those allies riled up.


They hop into an arms shop named Human Solutions, to get some Narcoject supplies for a life bug capture, and run into Firepower, an ork buying a light cannon, adapted to be handheld. Nora chats him up, and they invite him to come along, for fame and glory, and for the Ork Underground. Not only is he hella down to shoot up some bugs, he's also going to bring his crew. The runners split ways, Yokai seeking out support from the Scracha and the Sons of Sauron, while Nora Inu contacts Seattle's Ex-Firewatch with whom she curried favour during AC/DC - Thunderstruck, and secures safe passage for the troops and further combat and astral support from the infected living underneath the Redmond Barrens. She never learns the name of the old infected lady with the white eyes who can summon a myriad of different spirits as quickly as she can tap her walking stick on the ground.


Guarded and aided by one of Yokai's spirits, Nora snags a life bug, a grotesquely bloated creature who used to be a NeoPD employee, and now has had their arms replaced with large metal claws that drip magical acid. They meet their allies in D'Fuhk, smooth over any differences between the factions, rally them with a speech, execute the bug and roll out through the territory of the infested. Yokai, Nora, Firepower and an unnamed Ex-Firewatch operative form the spearhead, their decisive actions creating ripple effects that are felt on the other fronts. While the infected and a large spirit army cut off the retreat of the bugs, Scracha, Ex-Firewatch, independent OU Runners, among them Cyberknight and Sons of Sauron assault the hive proper.
The vanguard party gets into a smaller skirmish with some of the shamblers, but also a few special operatives. Fleshforms clad in full body armor, on top of their magical hardened armor. The superior firepower of light vehicle cannon and souped up lasers are sorely needed to take down these foes that are nigh impervious to even large caliber hand loaded APDS fire. They face more of these elites as they advance upon the queen's chambers, but they also receive some unexpected support as Witchblade joins the fray, just to see what all the fuzz is about.
The queen is a fierce, dangerous opponent, but thankfully Witchblade can prevent her from bringing in further spirits to swamp the runners. Combined fire starts to whittle her down, but she is fiercely dangerous, a whirl of sharp legs, claws, and frighteningly potent magical acid. She casts Slay Oni on the instigators of this assault, dealing some minor damage, but Nora Inu dodges past her, spotting her brood lair, and destroys it with a well aimed grenade blast. The queen, thus enraged is open to attacks, but before she can be taken down, she impales Nora on one of her claws, spearing her straight throught he chest with unnatural speed.
Yokai takes the queen out, channelling Dragonslayer's rage into a devastating manabolt, and brings Nora back from the brink of death with impressively effective health spells.
The death of their queen shattering their resolve, the tide severely turns for the bugs, and as the infected mop up their contingency plan, the spirits are free to join the assault on the hive proper, quickly eradicating the wavering bug force.

Public Record

Live broadcasts of a massive battle between a large bug hive and Ork underground militia forces. Most broadcasts are being done by deckers hacking into corporate media hosts while other media houses covered the aftermath.

The live broadcast show people wearing Skraacha colors fighting large waves of bugs, supported by highly skilled fighter not wearing any uniform, presumably independent mercenaries or shadowrunner residents of OU. Shockingly colors or Ares firewatch were seen. Ares denied any hand in the matter and its likely the fighters were firewatch deserters. Bug spirits were show wearing Renraku and Neo-PD uniforms, torn apart by the transformations. While the AAA corp has yet to respond to any allegations, its reported by the media houses that this is an isolated incident.

Chants of "Frag Neo-PD, frag the bugs, long live the Sckraacha echo throughout the aftermath clips.". Media houses sensationalize the hacking of their hosts and the sheer military power of a mobilized OU, which to some of them poses as serious a threat as the reemergence of insect spirits.

A short address is broadcast after the fight:
*A shadowy Yokai faces the camera and proclaims* "Today we defended our home without the help of any corporate aid and we will continue to do so. This is our home and the Skraacha are the true police force of this bastion or ork and troll freedom. We...I will not let Japanocorps or Neo-PD to take away that freedom, like they did back in Yomi island. I was powerless then. I will not stand down now. I will always watch over this place's safety. Sayonara jealous corps, this is our and our victory alone and all the spoils go to us as well."
*With slightly hollow cheeks, her sweater encrusted with the reddish brown of her own blood, some of her overcoat discolored and brittle from where it was splashed with acid, Nora Inu responds* "Let us not cast aside that this day was a triumph of all of metahumanity, not just the orks and trolls that lead it. We faced a bigger enemy, and came together as one. We saw former Ares employees fight to right the wrongs wrought by their corp and others, rather than to shield their masters from responsibility. We saw the staunchest defenders of trog independence and supremacy stand side by side with other metas to protect their Seattle, below AND above ground. And even HMHVV positive and unafflicted put aside old grievances and fears to say proudly: WE ARE NOT BUG FOOD!"


Yokai returned home to his wife only to be greeted by a slap. The feeling of victorious glory of the battle against bugs was lost on her, and with good reason. Yokai jr was on the way or so was the good news she had planned to tell. But when the newsfeed showed up, it seemed possible that his father would never return. It was the sudden realization that people actually depended on him that made Jubeii weigh the importance of his own safety and well-being. Dragonslayer always pushes him towards a reckless lifestyle of combat and glory against the astral threats to this world, but there comes a day when its time to stop. Nora Inu was almost killed by the bug queen. That could have been him, and there could have been no "almost". Sure he is strong and fast but all it takes is one unlucky twist of fate. Nah, he is a family man, he's got responsibilities and an actual job with the Naheka rengo. The Ork Underground is safe and it has a new Devil. And so Yokai will fade away from the shadows of Seattle. Going back to Honolulu and his life as a Yak lieutenant. In time he knew he would get pulled into dragon politics, but that fate was sealed when he made a deal with a dragon to escape the wrath of the Shotozumi. "Sayonara Seattle" - Former Devil of the Ork Underground.


15 Karma Yokai, Nora Inu, 5 Karma Wichblade, Local Fame at chargen cost Yokai, Witchblade, First Impression at chargen cost Nora Inu Ork Underground Rep +5