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Rougarou's a child of the shadows; her mother was a runner, and her father was a wage slave. When Rougarou was young, her mother left to go "visit her Uncle William." That night, her mother never returned. She waited up all night to tell her father when he got home from work, but he never came home, either.

Then, in early October of '81, Rougarou received a mysterious package from Uncle Bill. It was a bear--an exact replica of her childhood teddy bear. In its voice box, the bear had a coded message spoken by her mother. Members of the Haven jumped to help, and--after some decoding--drove across the continent to help Rougarou find her messing parents.

Key Players


Shadowhaven runner and--in an odd turn of events, the J. Rougarou has an opportunity to find her parents, or at least discover what may have happened to them.


Find her parents...alive--if possible.

Uncle William

Uncle William is a hacktivist and a fixer, loyal to Kezmyr.


Keep his team alive, and give Ares and the occasional Humanis member the middle finger.


Rougarou's father and a former wage slave of Ares, Kezmyr is a target of Rougarou's search for over a decade.


Run 1:

Rougarou gets a special gift in the mail: a bear with her mother's voice. She and a small team from Shadowhaven use this bear to track down her "Uncle William", who has managed to get himself locked in a small town jail for sabotaging digital signs at a Humanis Rally and causing some light riots. The team, aided by creative thinking and smart utilization of each member's strengths, broke out this "Uncle William" and find themselves one step closer to Rougarou's parents.

Run 2:

After busting Uncle William out of jail, our protagonists learn that Rougarou's parents are on the job and believe they have backup that is not there. The team, minus Gh0st who stays in Huntington to hack remotely, travels to a resort that held a presidential vault back in the 20th century. The group realizes that the auction they're attending is for purchasing personafixed people. They begin devising plans on how to take out the purchasers when an SOS beacon comes through. Rougarou and Zephyr rush to Rougarou's mother to provide fire support, but become locked in the underground vault.


The Parent TrapSi1as17 October 2081Rougarou
Giving the RougaroundSi1as3 October 2081Rougarou