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GM Style


I will try to indicate what sort of characters a job is suitable for. Please make an effort to apply with appropriate runners.
If your character is likely to decline the job, please clearly state this in your application, if you are happy with making just a short IC appearance.
Since I will not adjudicate PvP, attempting to derail and sabotage a run are only options if all characters/players unanimously agree to that course of action without being pressured.


Failure is an option, but it should not blind-side players. I want to come together to have fun as a group, not to pull fast ones on each other. I believe in tough but telegraphed challenges, and will put these into my sessions to the best of my ability.


The shadows of the sixth world are made vibrant by the contrast of extremes. As such, I believe there's space for levity, hijinks and superhero physics right next door to crippling oppression, tragedy and gritty realism.
Taking a page from DrBurst's playbook, I urge you to type, say or /w gm "x-card", if a scene is distressing to you or you wish to stop it for any other reason. When someone makes use of this, I will transition away from the scene immediately. If you like, we can discuss the events (openly or privately) after the game, too.