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AKA Video

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Teenagers3 June 2081
Deer Dance16 May 2081
An Unhealthy Obsession6 May 2081
You're Gonna Go Far, Kid1 May 2081
Anarchy For Sale23 April 2081

GM Reqs:

Declining Run

If your character declines a run please have another PC that will accept it, otherwise try not to put me on the spot

Derailing the Run

It really depends if I like where the team is taking this Job or not, but try not to seriously disrupt things or betray teammates without consent

Failing the Run

IF you fail that's how it is on this bitch of an earth, jokes aside I try not to intentionally screw over the runners but I would also like to give them a challenge!

Style Time

My runs usually are more pink mohawk style, dealing with a good handful of the population of Seattle, you may do work for a Gang or even a Corp, who knows.


I try to keep games at a decent pace, I don't mind runners taking their time to plans things how they want to do it but try not to take 5 hours to do so.

Smoking Sick Style!

Worried about doing something unrealistic? No worries pal, just keep it a tiny bit grounded but also give out descriptions that make your player characters personality shine through what they do best, do some flips or nice gun tricks, but try not to make it too gory, think Devil May Cry and not Mortal Kombat basically

Ow the Edge

We all know the Big Ten do some shady crimes against Metahumanity,they won't be mustache twirling villains but I will not pull my punches showing those aspects


GMP tracker



Completed AARs:

Completed Player AARs:



+10 gmp for completing Medium Run "Anarchy For Sale"

+5 from Optimism Beast

+15 GMP for being coached by Doc McGuffins and it being a run request

10+ GMP for completing Medium Run "You're gonna go far kid"

8+ GMP for Run Request Bounty

10+ GMP for Run "An Unhealthy Obsession"

3+ GMP for having 3 characters with less than 3 runs.

10+ GMP for upgrading to Level 1 GM

10+ GMP from Thematics

+10 GMP for completing Medium Run "Deer Dance"

+10 GMP from Torq for completing run request

+8 GMP for writing AAR for Deer Dance

+10 GMP for completing Low Run "Teenagers"

+10 gmp for completing Medium Run "Rock The House"

+5 from Zombono

+4 from OB

-1 GMP for 1 Karma

-26 GMP for 26 Karma

-9 GMP for 18k Nuyen for Vivian Valentine

-10 GMP for opening 1 character slot

-5 GMP for 5 Karma on Athena

-15 GMP for 15 Karma on Mendacius

-35 GMP for 70K Nuyen for Burn0ut

+2 GMP for Player AAR

-3 GMP for 6CDP

-5 GMP for 10k nuyen on Burn0ut

-14 for 14 nuyen on Burn0ut

Total GMP: 15