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"That Nutjob"
Discord Username Darklordiablo#7700
Reddit Username /u/darklordiablo
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"Dark Pink Trenchcoat", Dark's Style Guide

Hi, I'm Darklordiablo, or Dark. I like to run things so that my players have plenty of choice, Therefore, when building a run, I always make sure that there are at least three different ways to approach and complete the run. Usually none of these are how players actually decide to approach things.

I want my players to be able to do things as loud as they want. However, I do tend to reward forethought and planning over charging in and winging it.

I use the X-Card system at my table. If at any time you are uncomfortable or offended by the content on my table, Say or type X-card, and the scene will stop. You do not have to give a reason, you do not have to explain. This makes for healthier games, and more fun for everyone.

Realism and Setting

The 6th world can be a dark and dangerous place. In it, "realism" is hard to gauge, but I consider my NPCs to be people, magic is rare and strange, racism and elitism flavor the world and shadowrunners are scary criminals to your average wageslave.

The majority of corps don't care about anything beyond their profits, guards want to get home to their mums, and that guy with the rocket launcher will shoot you because he thinks it's fun.

Player Applications

  • If you are likely to refuse the job, please inform me so that I can arrange for a possible replacement if necessary.
  • If you are likely to subvert the job, I'm perfectly happy for you to do so, but be aware that there almost certainly will be consequences for such an action, either from me or your other players.

Success and Consequences

Every run I construct has at least 3 solutions I can see using different approaches. That being said, failure is always an option. I will not miraculously unlock a door to increase the chances of success.

I believe in building my run, then tweaking to the team I choose. For example, if my security includes spirits, but no astral runners apply, I will not remove the spirits, but I would change their instructions to an observational nature, at least until their summoner gets involved. I also won't change my listed security if the team is in trouble.


Going lethal is a bad thing. It encourages a lethal response from others, and it can drive people to do some crazy things so that they can get home. That being said, I believe most of my grunts have families and friends to get home to, and they will do their best to get home to them. Most aren't paid enough to deal with shadowrunners.

Primary Variations

I sometimes label variants on my style, and some variants may not assume competency. These tend to be the main ones I run.


If I have a NPC hunting you, Competence is not assumed. It's worth expecting there to be a matrix investigator, a forensic mage, a professional search & rescue tracker and a social adept to be following you, because if I label a run "Hunted", at least one of them could be. I will remind you about the nature of the run from time to time, but i will consider any evidence not stated to be concealed or removed as potential for the NPC hunters.