The Hurricane

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The Hurricane
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Professional Boxer
KappaPride#2784 theguywhodidthat
Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. April 10th, 2050
Folder Google Drive
Metatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - C
Resources - C

Character Information


A professional boxer out to prove he's the best, James has spent the past 8 years solidifying himself as a major player in the UCAS:Professional Adept Boxing League. Winning the 2078 Championship bout in a 10 round slugfest against his career long rival Joji "the Dragon" Kanazuka, he won the enmity of the Yakuza game when he refused to take a dive in that same bout. After nearly losing his life in a Yakuza hit the same day, James decided that it was time to practice his "Hurricane Style" in more... dangerous settings. So, he took up Shadowrunning.


Born on April 10th, 2050, James never did well in school. What he did well in was getting into fights, and he did so as often as he could. Getting into as many fighting clubs and programs as he could instead of spending time in school, James became an incredibly talented boxer by his junior year - around the same time he discovered he was an adept. James, figuring he didn't need any magic to prove he was the best, ignored his powers for the better part of the two years after he graduated high school. It wasn't until he was 20 years old he was discovered by Sioux talent scout and former minor league boxer, George Ohiyesa. George sponsored him all the way through the minor leagues until James joined the UCAS Professional Adept Boxing League, the national bare knuckle boxing league for awakeneds and rivaling Urban Brawl for ratings on TV. This popularity only grew as James met Joji "the Dragon" Kanazuka for the first time in the ring, sparking their epic 5-years-running rivalry that climaxed just this year during the 2078 UCAS:PABL Championships. James, previously unable to get into the Grand Finals every year prior, finally met his rival Joji Kanazuka in the ring. Previously paid off by the Yakuza to dive in the 6th for 35,000 nuyen, James took the offer under false pretenses and ran the match all the way to the 10th, a match characterized by some of the finest boxing the UCAS:PABL has ever seen. After the match, an infuriated Shotozumi-Gumi sent a hit squad after James that he beat off with incredible ease. After discovering the full potential of his powers, he decided he wasn't content with all he could do in the ring. Deciding it was the best way to practice his technique, James started to do something he'd only heard of in rumors - Shadowrunning. Juggling his professional boxing career and Shadowrunning, James has found himself in Seattle for the UCAS:PABL Western Circuit and gotten himself involved with the local shadowrunning community. James is ready to throw with anyone, anytime, anywhere. The throne for the king of the hill has a reserved spot on it, and it says James Albert Langston. Just this year, 2079, The Hurricane defended his Welterweight Title on January 10th, 2079. It was an exciting but not particularly memorable match.


James wants to defend his championship title, and take his game to the world stage in international tournaments and the Olympics, something he's been unfortunately incapable of for the past 8 years. As well, he wants to finally crush his rival, Joji "the Dragon" Kanazuka, and the Yakuza who threaten his life on a daily basis.

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • National Fame: UCAS:PABL Two Time Welterweight Champ
  • Legendary Rep: UCAS:PABL Boxing Community
  • Vendetta: Shotozumi-Gumi

Run History




  • United Canadian American States Professional Adept Boxing League (UCAS:PABL)


  • George Ohiyesah
  • Y3
  • Nero
  • John
  • Booker


  • Joji "The Dragon" Kanazuka (Boxing Rival)
  • Nullnode Decker, Double Birds
  • Nullnode Street Sam, Owl

In Character Information


Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table


Shadow Community Table



Marcus Christopher Hadfield (Rating 6 Fake Sin: ARES)


James is a strapping young man, almost always sporting a cocky smile and eyes that seem to beg for a fight. If one looks further, his well toned muscles follow up his eyes' request by saying, "Take me on buddy, and I will beat the livin' drek outta you."


While in the ring, James sports the usual boxing shorts and general attire, with one strange variation however - the UCAS:PABL is a bare knuckle boxing league. While NOT in the ring, however, James goes about in decent casual clothing and his lined jacket, wearing a pair of sunglasses in a (albeit futile) attempt to disguise himself. However, when he doesn't want to hide, he loves the attention. On a shadowrun, James wears a custom made white ballistic mask that hides his whole face - You can never be too careful!

Matrix Persona

See picture.

Media Mentions

Ed from Street Fighter lul.

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