Tenix Security Solutions

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Tenix Security Solutions
A rated Tech Company
“Today’s Solutions for Tomorrow’s Matrix Threats”
Connection 3
Type Corporation
Player joinability? No
Health Boosted
Location Seattle

Faction Information

Tenix Security Solution is a new matrix company that hit the scene in 2069. They managed to become a formidable force in the matrix scene with the introduction of De la Mar's matrix protocols.

Their focus is on Cyberdefence and Host Manufacturing and Cultivating. They have a significant amount of freelance Matrix Architects that specialise in Foundation dives and veteran Security spiders that train new deckers.

Tenix have also been making forays into the cyberdeck manufacturing market and matrix bounty hunting services.

Their corporate culture is best described as "hipster nerd". Their workplaces are full of slides and ping pong tables, but they are often forgotten or left unused because of high levels of crunch time.



  • Become a rated corporation
  • Absorb competitors

Major Locations

Bellevue, Seattle.


CEO: Carlos Santero


Cerberus Security Solutions


OzTech Microsystems

Current Status


Health Summary