Tech Support Returns

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Tech Support Returns
LocationThe Underground, Seattle
Result Intercepted Gangers smashing community nodes, crushed a Humanis safehouse
Factions Involved
James Krug
Ice Cube
Assorted Gangers
Casualties and losses
None Minor Injuries Severe Injuries


Merlin, a representative of the underground, hired the runner team via Shadowhaven to intercept some gangers smashing up nodes.


The meet took place in a discreet motel on the edge of the Underground. The runners met in a conference room with Mr. Merlin, who laid out the basic details. The underground was pushing through a community initiative for better matrix access by placing signal-boosting nodes around the area's neighborhoods. Consisting of little more than a commlink, additional processors, and signal boosters, these nodes were quite simple and also quite fragile. An unknown group was finding and smashing the nodes in seemingly random fashion. The runners were to discover the vandals and put a stop to their efforts.

Further stipulations were that failure to stop damage to the nodes, if the contract were accepted, would lead to the replacement fees being charged from the team's payout.


The team did the legwork and determined that most of the breakages were happening in a particular portion of the underground, so they put their contacts to work determining who was involved. The general consensus was that an unknown third party was hiring gangers as contractors to do the breaking. An ambush was set up at the most vulnerable node. Ice Cube, GT (James) and R0B0H4TZ intercepted the gangers on site on the street, whilst Usagi took a rooftop vantage and fired nonlethal rounds into one of the targets.

A crowd was drawn during the scrum, but some details were revealed, showing a link between the gangers and a nearby Humanis safehouse. The team withdrew under significant public comment, and raided the safehouse. R0B0H4TZ set one of the internal defensive turrets on free-fire, and the team attacked through the place. Significant high points were Usagi putting a full burst of SnS ammo into one Humanis thug's neck and chest, and GT punching one hard enough to send him through the drywall.

Humanis was put on notice that further vandalism in this vein would lead to escalating retaliation. The team withdrew, job successful.


Humanis was intimidated into backing off from the vandalism campaign. All runners save Usagi were flagged with some minor public notoriety for abruptly assaulting the gang members in public.


10,000 nuyen, 7 karma. +1 Reputation with Ork Rights Commission

Player Characters


There is no such thing as a 'safe' house for your kind, Humanis. The hare will find it, and the hare will break it.



Ice Cube