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Tarbohom (Rage in Or'zet)
Tarbohom small.jpg
Caucasian Troll of Unknown Origins
Metatype Male Troll
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 1
Public Awareness 1
Age 24
Drive Link
Player /u/xCentumx
Metatype(Troll) - A
Attributes - B
Magic - E
Skills - E
Resources - B

Character Information


  • Tarbohom doesn't remember his childhood, but his parents live in Mathew's Beach.
    • Once they learned he was going to be a Troll he was "Aborted" and unwittingly kept alive and sold to Aztechnology by his doctor
  • There he was brought to maturity and entered into the Project Fire Nectar.
  • Tarbohom (K39J as his Handlers called him) was brought up in a world of surgeries and combat training.
    • He could never really get the hang of guns
  • After many training exercises it was clear that Tarbohom was never going to be a solo operative, or to be trusted on his own at all.
  • At this point he was mostly used for training other projects within Aztechnology
  • Eventually rumor spread throughout the facility that there was an escape. Designation K12P had escaped
    • Tarbohom never thought it possible... but now he was on the lookout for his opportunity
  • One day he was being moved via Roadmaster to a testing location, this is when Tarbohom decided this was his time.
    • He quickly smashed the guards in the back with him, but this plan was not very well thought out.
  • After taking significant damage he wandered around until he found his way into the sewers where he slept and mended his wounds
    • AKA ignoring his wounds till they healed on their own
  • He's not sure why... but Aztechnology hasn't been after him
  • Tarbohom adopted his name after meeting up with Djinn after wandering into his "establishment"
  • He's been running since


In that order.

Flavor Text

Everything hurts... my face... my eyes... my brain... my bones... Can't sleep, can't sit still, can't talk to those worms that walk these streets, those who you all call people.

The only time that I can bring my body under my control and crush the pain is fighting. But the local fighting pits don't give me the fight that I need to forget 'bout the pain. For that I need the odds stacked against me. Better yet if it's against those Azzy filth.

Narrative Significant Qualties

For GMs

  • Wanted(Aztechnology) Aztechnology made him, he broke out and now they want him back.
  • Prejudice(Outspoken) - Aztechnology
  • Social Stress (Luxury) - Aztechnology would sometimes use Tarbohom as a form of entertainment for their distinguished guests, having him fight his peers for their amusement. This is what he expects whenever he's in a classy environment.
  • Superhuman Psychosis - When you've got K-10 pumping through your brain 24/7/365 everything else seems so much less important.
  • Insomnia(Basic)
  • Constantly in pain
  • Always Twitching from Move-By-Wire System
  • Constantly Caught between K-10, Dopadrine and the Jazz that's dripping into his blood
  • Probably tired due to the K-10 and Jazz

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
This is the safest way to go nobody gets hurtDrBurst11 June 2078


Project Fire Nectar




+1 Children of Belleview

+2 Seattle DA





Carmela Monteagudo Rosales - Aztechnology Exec, who is now a Ghoul because Tarbohom kidnapped her and left her in the sewers of Downtown - DEAD -

  • Ambushed Tarbohom, Shepard, and Gearhead in the Sewers with a small army of Ghouls
    • Tarbohom restrained her before she could explain anyhting
    • Gearhead Sprayed the army with bullets knocking them down
    • While Tarbohom had her restrained she was executed by Gearhead by a single gunshot to the head
    • Tarbohom Unceremoniously dropped her body into the sewers without ever knowing of her plan, though everyone else in the group knows thanks to Blue

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures


Matrix Search Table

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Taborhom is a very large scarred up Troll. He is a mountain of flesh topped with long wild black hair with battered horns pushing through. You can see metal that starts at his cheekbones that push back around his head giving him an undercut hairstyle. His face is dark, aged by stress and surgery scars. His eyes are intense, as if he could lose his cool at any moment.

He twitches uncontrollably and releases a mild groan seemingly at random but then he seems to focus and calm whatever energy is trying to escape.


Tarbohom wears whatever he can find. He doesn't care about color or condition. If it works he will wear it. Never saw much use in a helmet though. He can't find one that fits with his horns on.

Matrix Persona


Media Mentions

(This is the safest way to go nobody gets hurt)

  • Troll abducts Aztechnology Executive from Downtown Stuffer Shack
    • Event was Livestreamed and bet on within the shadow community by Anonymous User 43298023 with his face blurred
    • Chase ended when the Troll took the woman into the Sewers

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