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Antiquities and Oddities Dealer
[Contact Owner] [1]
Connection 2
Public Contact? No
Archetype Shadow services
Location Seattle
Metatype Ork
Sex Male
Age 42
Preferred Payment Method Service (free labor)
Hobbies/Vice Weapons (Blade)
Personal Life Single


Shop owner helping Cormag Doyle at one point keeping to himself in a small shop where he makes weapons, and tinkers in cybertech maintaining and upgrading anything when necessary. While he is big and quite dull looking he is quite fast on his feet practicing with swords made in his shop obsessing and attempting to perfect the perfect blade designs. He mainly sells oddities he finds from dealers where he can, but if for the right price he may know some illegal means as well to find what your looking for.

Key Dice Pools

Blades (swords): 6

Cyber-technology: 5

Stat Block

Bod Agi Rea Str Cha Int Log Wil Ess Edge Magic
8/9 5/6 3/5 3/8 3/5 3/6 3/5 3/6 5.50 1 None
Condition Monitor 10
Limits Social: 5 Mental: 4 Physical: 6
Initiative 6+1d6
Skills Cyber-technology (cyberlimbs):: 3 | Blades (swords): 6 | Negotiation: 3 | Gymnastics (Dodging): 3 | Armorer (melee weapons): 3
Knowledge Skills Cyber-technology: 5 | Parazoology (North America): 2 | Blade Design (swords): 5 | Area Knowledge: Seattle Downtown 4 | Black Markets (Seattle) 4

Cyberware -

Commlink Standard

Datajack Standard

Simrig Standard

Bioware -

Weapons Katana (Blade), Dmg,6P RC 2, Acc 7, DV 2, AP -3, |Victor Collapsible Hatchet(Blades), Acc 5, DV 2, AP -1,


Medium Lifestyle


Player Characters with this Contact

Name Chips Owed/Owned
Cormag Doyle Even

NPC who know this contact

Facts about "Tadakatsu"
ArchetypeShadow services +
Connection2 +
GenderMale +
Has nameTadakatsu +
LocationSeattle +
MetatypeOrk +
ProfessionAntiquities and Oddities Dealer +