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Street Samurai
Military Brat Wanting To Be A Better Man
Player [1]
Metatype Orc
Street Cred 3
Notoriety 1
Public Awareness 2
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. September 27 2050
Folder [2]
Metatype - C
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - D
Resources - A

Character Information


T-Bone has been groomed for military life in Ares since he was a child. He was strong, worked harded, even had a few biomods put in to make him a better soldier. Funny thing happens when someone T-bones your car though, tearing off about half your body. You find out real quick how little people actually cared about you. The corps, your friends, your family. They all hope you die quietly and away from them on a street somewhere. So what if the accident was my fault, you left me out to dry. So now, T-Bone, after throwing as much metal into his body, is looking for some action in the shadows.

He has found some action in his time and he realized that he did not want to be like the worst that the Shadows had to offer. Working for Corps, doing the wrong thing paid well, but he did not want to be that person anymore. He wanted to be more than his upbringing had told him. He spends a lot of his time working in the Barrens, helping children that need to adjust to the life of cyberlimbs as well as helping out in the soup kitchen of Eli Johnson.


-Get even with corps and friends who left him out to dry
-Become an even better soldier than he was before with as much cyber as possible
-A couple of his runs for corps have left a bad taste in his mouth, so he is making sure that he makes the right call for the little guy and really screw the corps when he can
-He wants to protect and support as many of the people in the underground as he can

Narrative Significant Qualities

SINner (Ares): His family was Ares, he was Ares, he was gonna be a soldier for Ares, maybe even Knight Errant if he got lucky. He got left out to dry, so he wants nothing to do with them now.
He is now SINless and he had to fight hard to get it to be that way.
Implant-induced Immune Deficiency: Maybe it was the accident that tore off one side of his body, maybe it was the slap job throwing the cyber into him, but his health hasn't been the same since the cyber has been put in.
Biocompatibility (Cyberware): One of those things you don't know you are good at until you try it, the cyberware fits into his body far easier than the fancy bioware he got from his Ares days.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Smother The FlamesSCKoNi16 March 2079
Beating HeartSCKoNi13 February 2079
...But Our Ties Have Been ErasedDrBurstDance Around The Fire That We Once Believed - The Ex-Firewatch Story10 January 2079
The Hunter and the Huntedmitsayantan3 December 2078
Philosophy of Abductioneclecticego27 November 2078
NightcrawlerSCKoNi26 August 2078

Philosophy of Abduction Philosophy_of_Abduction

The Hunter and the Hunted

Nightcrawler Nightcrawler

...But Our Ties Have Been Erased

Beating Heart

Smother The Flames



  • Bonesaw - Connection 4, Loyalty 2 - Street Doc (Support/Swag)
  • Sarge - Connection 5, Loyalty 2- Arms Dealer (Swag)
  • Bloodstains - Connection 4, Loyalty 4 - Fixer
  • Eli Johnson - Connection 2, Loyalyty 4 - Soup Kitchen Owner (Support)


Ares: +3
Ex-Firewatch: +3


Shano Yumi (Mercenary from UCAS military, location unknown from "Nightcrawler")


In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


Phillips Symore (Ares) (4)
Hank Handyman (Ares) (3)
Tuthul Gabot (Aztec) (3)


Shaved head revealing orange skin. He has two very visible cyber arms, one with a lightning bolt etched into and the other a thunder cloud. One of his ears is ripped off with some serious scar tissue around it, with a cyberimplant in its place. He looks like he is used to pushing around people, with a dark smile on his face, twisted more by the stitching across his right cheek. He is very polite and courteous with a hint of southern charm which his scary persona would not lead you to believe.


He tends to wear jackets that cover most of his body, with an armored vest peaking out from beneath it. The faded synleather brown jacket looks worn and seen better days, with what looks like a patch was recently removed from the left shoulder.

Matrix Persona

A bleeding heart

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