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Social Adept
Life is a Party as Long as You Treat It Like One
Player [1]
Metatype Dryad
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. February 12nd 2059
Folder [2]
Metatype - D
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


Dryad Social Adept who refuses to hurt others.


Free Bunraku dolls, make Nuyen, and eventually settle down.


Short Version

Olivia Fai Cheung was traumatized after watching a trid of runners failing to save Bunraku dolls, but was inspired to become a Shadowrunner herself. After being betrayed on a run, Cyuneoi, Olivia's alias, became wary of new runners. Cyuneoi moved to Seattle once Shadowhaven invited her, but she was dubbed Sunshine due to no one being able to say her name right.

Long Version

Olivia Fai Cheung's life has always been eventful. Hell, she was born the day of the Lunar New Year back in 2059! So of course Hong Kong would be her home. It was always full of vibrant colors and interesting people, both of which deeply interested Olivia. As a young girl, Olivia loved to hear stories about people's lives and would sometimes watch Soap-trids until her bedtime. Once she got older, Olivia began browsing the Matrix. And there, as a young teenager, she found a very special trid. Shadowrunners, breaking into a Bunraku parlor somewhere in the JIS to rescue the dolls there. It didn't go well. Olivia was gripped in horror, unable to stop watching. The team of five was quickly reduced to two after a botched sneak in attempt. There was so, so much blood. Blood everywhere. Then the remaining Runners stumbled upon the room where the dolls who were too "roughed up" by "intense" clients were kept. Luckily enough, Olivia's father walked into her room and quickly noticed what was going on. After weeks of therapy, Olivia had mostly recovered, though she carries a fear of blood and Bunraku parlors to this day.

But her experience triggered something in her, and Olivia eventually realized she had Awakened. Unsure of how her new powers worked, Olivia tried to keep it a secret from her parents and friends. During a Lunar New Year party when she was 16, Olivia met a strange man who claimed to know that she had Awakened. He claimed to be a Shadowrunner who was in need of an adept skilled in socializing for a very, very important mission. Completely oblivious to his deception, Olivia agreed to become his partner.

On October 1st, while everyone was celebrating National Day in Eastern Hong Kong, Olivia, who adopted the alias Cyuneoi, and a small team of Shadowrunners snuck into a small, inconspicuous gambling house. Cyuneoi was to nab as many chips as she could, as well as a datastick with all clients on it, from the front desk while the rest of the team were to crack the safes in the back and get the credsticks from them. Cyuneoi waved her gun about, threatening the few gamblers in not to move as she busted her way to the chips and data. After she filled her bag, Cyuneoi tried to call her teammates. They began laughing when she asked where they were. It turned out Cyuneoi was a distraction while the rest of the team got away. The tables turned quickly, however, when the police decided to breach through the back entrance. Their laughs quickly turned to screams as Cyuneoi booked it to the front entrance. The driver didn't ask a single question as he sped off into the night. Cyunoei was shocked to find someone contacting her about the run, having thought the Shadowrunners were doing their job independently. Cyuneoi handed over the data and chips and was rewarded with someone to give her jobs.

Though many of her other runs went much better than her first, Cyuneoi never forgot to always be wary of new runners. After being invited to Shadowhaven, Cyuneoi said goodbye to her parents, who she kept in light contact with, in Hong Kong and moved to Seattle. There, no one knew how to pronounce her name and she was eventually dubbed "Sunshine", much to her displeasure. Sunshine does admit that her nickname fits, somewhat.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Pacifist I: Sunshine's fear of blood makes her unable to harm others without good reason, though she feels bad regardless.

Phobia (Uncommon, Moderate) Blood & Phobia (Uncommon, Moderate) Bunraku Parlors: Sunshine was traumatized after watching a run gone wrong on a trid.

SINner (National): Sunshine was given a SIN for the Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone when she was young.

Run History






In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


Olivia Fai Cheung; National SIN (HKFEZ)

Jessica Huang; Rating 4 Fake National SIN (UCAS) (Private Eye) [Licenses: Rating 4 Adept, Rating 2 Driver, Rating 4 Private Investigator]


Sunshine is one of the taller, thinner Dryads, standing at 173 cm but only weighing 45 kg. Everything about Sunshine seems to be delicate and soft, from her long, elegant hands to her full, pink lips. She has a thin waist that makes her hips look wider, a fact Sunshine is quite proud of, and a long torso and legs. Sunshine's silky, auburn hair is always impeccable, taking on a naturally put together look. Even though it reaches her waist, Sunshine's hair rarely gets tangled.


Sunshine always makes sure to look her best. While out in public, Sunshine wears a dark olive sweater with white flowers, white skinny jeans, and high heels or a black tanktop and light blue jacket with a pair of black joggers and running sneakers, depending on the weather. At home, Sunshine dresses in simple clothes, usually a loose t-shirt and sweatpants. When Sunshine has to look good, she wears a long, silk gown with a slit up the right leg. It's tighter at the bust, but has light, flowing sleeves and skirt.

Matrix Persona

Sunshine's persona is of an idealized version of herself in an old fashioned qipao, but with neon lights winding across her skin and dress.

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