Stuffer Shack Shootout

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Stuffer Shack Shootout
Location(Target site of the run)
Result (Quick description of the run.)
Factions Involved
Evans Doyle
Major Corp
Target Corp
Commanders and leaders
(ShadowHaven Commander) (Target Commander)
Units involved
(Specialized Units - 1) (Specialized Units - 2)
(Specialized Units - 3)
(Special Strength - 1) (Special Strength - 2)
(Special Strength - 3)
Casualties and losses
(Any runners die?) (Anyone else die?)


1) Open up this template by clicking the "Edit" link at the top (remember to sign in).
2) Select all the code in the editing pane and copy the template code. (TAKE IT ALL!!)
3) Go up to the URL and type in the new URL for the run report using the syntax example below
(the page doesn't exist yet, so doublecheck your spelling)
4) Select your third option to "create this page" when MediaWiki cannot find the page.
5) Click on the "Edit" link at the top (you need to be signed in at this point).
6) Select all the code in the editing pane and paste the template code in.
7) The date of the run is the date of the game session plus seventy-one (71) years.
8) Add in a couple of details or your run (just so you don't go crazy).
9) Delete the "Category:Templates" line in the bottom line of the coding pane.
10) Delete this "Directions" section from the coding pane.

Syntax Example To create the URL for the new report
The name of the run is: Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Part 1)
And the URL for the report is (after the Katy_Perry_-_Swish_Swish_(Part_1)


Provide a brief summary of the whole run in a single sentence.


Pull together major facts that explain why this run is wanted and what the run is supposed to achieve. This information can be learned from any source or at any time during the run, it just goes here to get your fellow runners up to speed faster.

The Meet

Describe the meet with the Johnson with a double focus: 1) detail what the Johnson wants the runners to do with the run, and 2) describe as many details about the Johnson, the location and any associates to help identify them (and their politics) on other runs.

The Legwork

Describe the planning and research undertaken by your and your chums to figure out how to accomplish the run. What information do you uncover and where did you find it? What kind of reconnaissance did your team perform? What contacts did you talk to, bribes that you paid and gear that you needed to purchase?

The Plan

Detail the Team's plan to complete the run. This section is broken down into four parts to assist drafting the report.


Overwatch members are runners who are not planned to provide a necessary action, but are providing security in their realm of expertise and are prepared to step in as complications arise. Overwatch can be done either off-site or on-site.

Runner (Name) for a mage watching or providing general assistance from the Astral.
Runner (Name) for a decker or technomancer watching or providing general assistance from the Matrix.
Runner (Name) for a samurai guarding or watching strategic locations in the meat.
Runner (Name) for a rigger operating as a security spider (anti-spider?).
Runner (Name) for a rigger providing drone coverage.


Describe how each member of the insertion team is gaining access to the target location. Add off-site members (Matrix, Astral, drones) who need to perform critical, necessary and planned actions for the run to succeed. Remember that some overwatch members still need to be inserted, namely those providing physical security.

Runner (Name) will .
Runner (Name) will .
Runner (Name) will .
Runner (Name) will .


Describe the critical, necessary and planned actions to accomplish the mission of the run. This is just for the meat of the run, after the insertion team is on-site and before the team withdraws.

Runner (Name) will .
Runner (Name) will .
Runner (Name) will .
Runner (Name) will .


Describe how you plan to pull out of the target location, cover your tracks and get paid.

The Run

Discuss how the run actually went down. If the plan is laid out properly above, you need only describe deviations from the plan and any extraordinary encounters.


What are the consequences of the run? Remember to think of the Team, the Johnson, the target, the public, ShadowHaven and the story at large.


  • Karma, baby
  • All that sweet nuyen
  • Any special rewards

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

  • Wolfheart - "So! This was a fun time! It turns out that if you make someone invisible, they can do a bunch of stuff without being noticed. Also, spirits are really strong, and you shouldn't underestimate them. I think we kinda pulled a superhero deal on this one? We stopped an armed robbery of a Stuffer Shack. Honestly, the robbers probably needed the money more than Aztechnology, by the look of that place."
  • Runner2 -
  • Runner3 -
  • Runner4 -
  • Runner5 -
  • Runner6 -