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Pan-denominational Faith Center
For Everyone Upon This Earth
Connection 1
Type Church of all Faiths
Player joinability? Yes
Health Maintaining

Faction Information

"To everyone upon this earth, death cometh soon or late. And how can one die better, than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of their ancestors, and the temples of their gods"


"None shall be denied their right to their faith by their gender, race, social standing or creed."

This concept is the core tenet beind the creation of the public face of Solace. Sister Rachel, from Hallas, found that many people were unable to practice their faith due to their lot in life, and so decided to fix this. So she gathered some aid, notably that of Mr. Shiroki, who provided the business acumen to bring Sister Rachel's dream to fruition.

The result is a temple of every faith known to be practiced in Seattle. How the corps of holy people manage it is a closely-guarded mystery; but the logistical wizardry seems to work, and the one rule of Solace seems to be upheld:

"Leave your prejudice, politics, and personal opinions at the door. There's a handy bin for them."

For those in the know, however, there is a second story to this temple - beneath its synthmarbled tiles is a warren of well-appointed tunnels, basements and rooms; a ShadowHaven safehouse. The safehouse operates on the same simple rule as the temple above, with one addition:

"Don't frag with Mistress"

Mistress is the grandmotherly governess of the Undersolace, where she provides cheap bunkholes and tolerable drinks. But it's worth getting on her good side; Undersolace has many a perk for those who know how to ask correctly.


Major Locations

Solace is situated in Redmond, on the edge of Touristville.

Undersolace is hidden beneath the temple.




Current Status

Health Summary





Position Name
CEO Gail Shiroki
COO Cleric Rachel Castellan
CFO Aureus
Transportation Manager Brian Chin
Head of Security Weayaya
Elected Head Steward [TBD]
Governess Mistress



  • The Stewards
    • The Stewards are the corps of religious leaders that run the various congregations of the different faiths.
    • Named Stewards:
      • Cleric/Sister Rachel
      • Mr.E


Name Position Favors Owed/Owned
Deimos Co-Founder Even
Usagi Co-Founder Even
Kani Board Member Even
Aureus Board Member Even
Tanuki Board Member Even