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(Short Blurb)
Player Zednark
Metatype (Human)
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 1
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. Sorry, but that's none of your business, chummer.
Folder [1]
Metatype - D
Attributes - D
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - A
Resources - C

Character Information

Snakefinger is an exercise in contradictions. He is a mage, but he treats spirits as a shaman would. He is awakened, yet augmented. He is quiet and almost antisocial, but speaks eight languages and has a large vocabulary. His style and mannerisms seem more black trenchcoat, but he does combat runs for a punk rocker. He seems cultured and refined at first glance, until you see those same calm, collected mannerisms in an active firefight. People don't really know what to think of him most of the time.




Snakefinger doesn't talk about his past. The rumors about his past are contradictory and often provably false. The more credible stories of his past life include former security or military work, arcanoarcheology research, mob enforcement, or some other combination of violence, academia and magic.

There are records of a Charles Lithman meeting his approximate description working as an underground musician back in the early 60s, but they seem like rather different people, as Lithman was not Awakened.. Lithman is listed as dead from a bliss overdose during a concert in '63, at least as far as the Miami Tribune is concerned.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Moderate addiction to Cram

Shaman's Code

Snake Mentor

Speaks 8 languages

Run History



  • Alessa P - Connection 4, Loyalty 2 - Fixer




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

0: It's a bad airport novel from 2023.

1-2: A particular style of preserved snakemeat from Or'zet cuisine. Just rancid enough to be delicious, not unlike proper Prosciutto. Of course, that's the translated name, and the original has too many goddamn consonants, which is why Ork restaurants have numbered dishes.

3: A few underground forums mention a Snakefinger being the person to ask on a several unrelated issues. Some sort of infobroker, looks like, though low level since most mentions come from a Crimson Crush affiliated newsgroup.

4: Definitely not an infobroker. You'd have found a way of contacting him or one of his facemen. Either the Crush are getting their street names confused, or there's some intentional disinfo being put out.

5: The name, or the name missing a few letters, can be found here and there in archives of corrupted pre-crash2.0 screamsheets. There seems to be some sort of musical connection, though it's unclear in what way. Seems like either a record label, and artist's name or perhaps the handle of a talent agent. The last option seems a bit more likely, as you've never heard of any such band or record label, and neither have any of the music fansites you've visited. Not even a Matrix Musicology Database entry.

6: It was hard, but you think you've found paydirt. An old Shadowland BBS post about a Miami session musician who had disappeared in 2063. A local record label called Red Otter Records offered a reward for his whereabouts, which would usually not make it to Shadowland but it was relatively substantial. Further, it appears that this musician, a human male named Charles Lithman, wasn't popular enough to rate even half of the reward, and a few runners started poking around. A decker named Tyranitar mentioned that he was going to "poke around Otter's system to figure out why they want this guy so bad" and ceased logging in a few days later. The local runners decided it wasn't worth checking out at that point, though an update in early 2064 mentions they found a person matching that description running Denver's shadows under the handle Snakefinger.

Looking into Red Otter Records indicates they were raided by the Caribbean League's FBI equivalent after they got word it was an insect spirit front. Most of the staff and contracted musicians were discovered to be infested. Lucas Red Otter, the founder and CEO, was arrested as an insect shaman and is housed in a Carib League max security magic prison. The publicly released victim reports indicate that Lithman's bandmates where invested around the time he disappeared, and lists Lithman as "declared missing 2063, assumed dead". Carib League officials report an unidentified Snake shaman as the whistleblower.

Shadow Community Table

0: "Why are you asking me about food? A better question is who General Tso is and why he makes such good tofu."

1-2: "Sounds like a shaman, and I ain't never heard of one by that name. Hell, I think the Snake shaman I know would consider the name absurd. Snakes don't have appendages, if ya haven't noticed."

3: "I swear I knew a hermetic by that name, back in Denver. That was a couple years ago. He coulda moved. Might wanna ask around the more magic-y runner circles."

4: "He's new. Unproven. Moved here from Denver a few months ago. Alls I know is he's got cybereyes and a cram habit."

5: "I hear he Hangs out at the Daze over in Touristville. Which is odd, since he seems more like the astra-classical type. Speaks a lot of languages, too. I heard he orders in Cantonese in Chinese restaurants."

6: "You're speaking to him."


Rating 4: Kiefer Suthlerland, Universal Omnitech Magical Research Technician, ThD

- Rating 4 Mage License
- Rating 4 Firearm License
- Rating 4 Automatic Weapon License



Generally wears what is best described as Punk Casual. A Lined Coat with electrochromatic enhancement, generally displaying a denim pattern with hermetic rune overlay. This is often supplemented by a fractal pattern respirator and an electrochromic wizard hat he wears ironically (generally matching his longcoat). He openly carries a custom engraved (chrome finish with serpents coiling all over) Predator V openly, because he lives in Touristville and people bother you less when they are worried you'll shoot them.

Matrix Persona

An older, bearded Rambo type character smoking a cigarette.

Media Mentions

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