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Connection 2
Type Gang
Player May Join Yes
Health Maintaining
Area of Operation Ork Underground, Seattle; Chicago

Faction Information


The largest gang in the Ork Underground and one of the main pillars of the many trog gangs in Seattle; the Skraacha (Or'zet for Scorchers) are a militant ork gang. They are the de-facto law enforcement and neighborhood watch of the OU, despite Renraku Neo-PD being the official police force. The people of OU have an overwhelmingly positive image of the Skraacha. The gang act as the guardians of OU and is fiercely devoted to the protection of the "ork people". Their paramilitary nature imparts purpose and discipline among the many jobless and angry ork kids who want to vent their anger at an enemy. Skraacha trains them and points them at Humanis. The Skraacha maintain good relations with pro-metahuman organizations like Mother of Metahumans as well as other trog gangs and policlubs like Sons of Sauron. The Skraacha train in their signature martial art "Rutra" which is a mish-mash of various techniques that have been optimized to work best with trog bulkiness and stength.

The Skraacha are also a criminal enterprise. The Skraacha have their paws deep in smuggling operations, especially illegal weapons since the nature of the OU allow them to transport contraband easily without being intercepted by KE. They are also involved in robberies and theft against targets they deem as enemies of the ork people.


  • Protect the ork and troll people of the Underground.
  • Defend the Ork Underground.
  • Oppose Humanis and anti-goblinoid organizations.
  • Expand their smuggling operations.
  • Keep the militia strong and well supplied.

Major Locations

Ork Underground, Seattle. Chicago




Mother of Metahumans, Sons of Sauron, Any ork or troll gang, School of Clashing Blades Smashing Fist


Humanis, Night Hunters, Neo-PD

Current Status


Health Summary



Anything Andy6GeneralistGeneralist


NamePositionFaction Rep
Cyber KnightMade Man2

Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
When I Needed YouOB13 July 2081