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Masehiro Takeda
Masehiro Takeda
A Big Fraggin’ Trog with a Big Fraggin Club
Player [1]
Metatype Troll
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. April 5, 2047
Folder Drive
Metatype - A
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - D
Skills - E
Resources - C

Character Information


A big, quiet troll, Masehiro resembles ancient Japanese myth of the mighty oni who terrorized mankind. He is honorable, curt, only partly fluent in English, and not someone you want to frag with, omae.


Masehiro wants to regain his honor after the failure during his time in Japan, which resulted in the death of a Yakuza boss’s daughter he was tasked to protect.


Masehiro worked in Japan as a bodyguard for a particularly accepting (albeit, small) Yakuza boss for five years, acting as bodyguard and confidant. However, he failed to protect the boss’s daughter in a jump one night and in his shame left that gumi and came to the UCAS. Running since, he became friends with one Kenran Hanzo and has since become a member of the Kenran-Kai.

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Big Regret
  • Code of Honor
  • Distinctive Style

Run History

None as of yet


  • Kenran Kai
  • the Haven


  • Kenran Hanzo - Connection 4, Loyalty 3 - Fixer (Shadow Services)


  • Kenran Kai


  • Kenran Hanzo


In Character Information

Dude’s big and doesn’t speak much English.

Symbols and Signatures

  • Wise Warrior Mentor Mask
  • Missing left ring finger

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


  • Tanaka Seijuro, Rating 6 Fake SIN


Picture coming soon.


Slick berwick suit, a la Yakuza standard.

Matrix Persona

A chibi Oni, because he’s a little bit of a weeaboo believe it or not.

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