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Arms Dealer{Swag}
Contact Owner SilithDark
Connection 5
Public Contact? Yes
Archetype Swag(Gun Runner)
Location Renton, Seattle
Metatype Ork
Sex Female
Age 36
Preferred Payment Method Nuyen (Credsticks)
Hobbies/Vice Guns, Alcohol, Daytime Television
Personal Life Single, Unattached
Faction Streets of Renton


Once a member of the UCAS military, Sarge 'took leave' early and never looked back. She could make her own way and earn more money than they would ever pay a trog.

Key Dice Pools

Negotiation (Bargaining) - 15(17)[8]

Armorer (Firearms) - 10(12)[varies]

Stat Block

B A R S W L I C Ess Edge Magic
7 2 5 3 3 3 6 5 0.8 5 -
Condition Monitor 14/10
Limits Physical - 6, Mental - 5, Social - 8
Initiative 11 + 1d6
Skills Armorer 6 (Firearms +2), Firearms Group (Automatics, Longarms, Pistols) 6, Negotiation 7 (Bargaining +2)
Knowledge Skills Combat Tactics 6, Firearms 7, UCAS Military 4, Underworld 5 (Smuggling +2), English 5, Or'Zet N
Ware Cyberarm, Obvious, Used (Main Hand) (Agility 6, Agility 8, Enhanced Agility 3, Enhanced Strength 2, Cybergun modification, Shotgun Krime Boss), Cyberarm, Obvious, Used (off hand) (Agility 6, Strength 8, Enhanced Agility 3, Enhanced Strength 2, Built-In Toolkit [Armorer])
Gear Armor Jacket, Renraku Sensei
Weapons Krime Boss cybergun [Shotgun, Acc 3, DV 13P, AP -1, SA, 15(d) w/ (30) APDS, (30) Gel Rounds]

FNP93 Praetor [Submachine Gun, Acc 9, DV 8P, AP 0, SA/BF/FA, 50(c) w/ Folding Stock, Gas-Vent System 3, Personalized Grip, Smartgun System, Internal, w/ (50x) APDS, (50x) Gel Rounds]

Winchester Model 201 [Shotgun, Acc 11, DV 11P, AP -1, 2(b) w/ Personalized Grip, Smartgun System, Internal, Sling w/ (10x) APDS]


Player Characters with this Contact

Name Chips Owed/Owned
Ladybug Even
Kit Even
Diablo Even
T-Bone Even
Shepard Even
Voxel Even
Booker Even
Marionette Even
Vicar Even
Ice Cube Even

NPC who know this contact