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Infobroker {Infobroker}
Microdeck Building
Contact Owner [1]
Connection 3
Public Contact? No
Archetype Fixer
Location Downtown
Metatype Human
Sex Male
Age 33
Preferred Payment Method (Cash (Credstick))
Hobbies/Vice Entertainment (Movies)
Personal Life In Relationship
Faction Microdeck


Runtime is a security spider based at Microdeck, with a fascination with all things mechanical. With a penchant for modifying his own deck and other peoples' commlinks, it was he who set Starlight up with her very first commlink that wasn't actually linked to her real SIN. While he does have a full-time job at Microdeck, he works as an information broker on the side, since he usually works graveyard shifts and can occasionally receive clandestine information without quite too much oversight. At any rate, keeping your finger on the pulse in the shadows is a great way to know if you're about to get hit or extracted that day!

Runtime's got a dry sense of humour, but a pretty friendly overall demeanour. He will occasionally ask runners whether they want to ditch the shadows to come work as a wageslave for Microdeck instead. He's usually joking...probably.

Key Dice Pools

Negotiation - 7[9]

Etiquette - 8[6]

Computer (Matrix Search) 14(16 for Matrix search, with spec)[7]

Pistols (Semi Auto) 5(7)[6]

Matrix Security - 10[7]

Corporate Rumours - 12[7]

Matrix Threats - 12[7]

Shadow Community - 10[7]

Stat Block

B A R S W L I C Ess Edge Magic
3 2 3 3 4 6 5 3 5.8 3 None
Condition Monitor 10
Limits Physical 4, Mental 7, Social 6
Initiative 9+2d6
Skills Pistols 3 (Semi Autos), Computer 8 (Matrix Search), Etiquette 5, Negotiation 4
Knowledge Skills Shadow Rumours 6, Corporate Rumours 6, Matrix Threats 6, Matrix Security 4, English Native
Gear Datajack, Math SPU, Microtronica Azteca 200 (DR2, ASDF 5/4/3/2), Erika Elite (DR4),
Weapons Predator V (Pistol, Semi auto), Acc 7, DV 8P, AP -1, Fire mode: SA, ammo (Regular)]
Vehicles None


Player Characters with this Contact

Name Chips Owed/Owned
[Starlight] Even

Auto Characters with this Contact

PC NameLoyalty
Haven PC1

NPC who know this contact

Facts about "Runtime"
ArchetypeFixer +
Connection3 +
FactionMicrodeck +
GenderMale +
Has nameRuntime +
LocationDowntown +
MetatypeHuman +
ProfessionInfobroker +
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