Rodney Bloom

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Rodney "AK" Bloom
AK headshot.jpg
Arms Dealer {Swag}
Contact Owner [1]
Connection 2
Public Contact? Yes
Archetype Club Owner
Location Shipping District, Seattle
Metatype Elf
Sex Male
Age 31
Preferred Payment Method Cash [Hard Currency]
Hobbies/Vice Trip Chips
Personal Life Nonya damn business
Faction None


Rodney moved to Seattle from Cal Free State to attend college, but he got caught up in the wrong crowd. Between the trip chips and weed, he barely attended classes, and flunked out after his second semester. Rather than move back home to the suffocatingly tight-knit, Catholic community, he got a job working at warehouses on the docks. After an accident involving BTLs on the job and heavy machinery, Rodney had his left arm upgraded to cyberware. He was fired from that job, and found work at a less reputable warehouse. One person lead to another, and now he has his own small business, dealing arms out the back door. His nickname came about for his propensity for the AK-97.


Hard-headed, Loyal, Frugal

Key Dice Pools


Stat Block


B A R S W L I C Ess Edge Magic
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 n/a
Condition Monitor TBD
Limits Physical/Mental/Social (TBD)
Initiative TBD
Skills TBD
Knowledge Skills TBD
Gear TBD
Weapons TBD


Player Characters with this Contact

Name Chips Owed/Owned
Melody Even

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