Red Vory

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The Red Vory
Organized Crime Syndicate
Russia's Greatest Syndicate
Connection 3
Type Crime Syndicate
Player joinability? Yes
Health Maintaining
Location Russia, Former Soviet States

Faction Information


The Red Vory are a criminal syndicate, originally rising out of prison gangs during the Soviet Union. Nowadays, they've grown a bit from their roots. The "Red" Vory operates out of Russia and the former Soviet states, and is deeply entangled with the government of the Russian Federation. As a result, they have a deep "in" with the State's manufacturing interests, and have a top-grade pipeline for arms, armor, and pharmaceuticals, which they sell to fund most of their operations.

In the current day, those operations are divided into two sides - the Avtoritet and the Vor - with each side taking control of different operations. The Avtoritet handle big-picture, strategic moves, as well as cons targeting proper businesses and similar, while the Vor provide muscle, handle extortion rackets, affiliate gangs, and other "street crime."

They are not to be confused with the White Vory, who spawned from them but broke off due to philosophical differences. While the two groups were initially deeply hateful of each other, this has simmered down to mere dislike, and they often do business with each other, the Red Vory fencing off military and civilian arms, high-grade drugs, and forced bunraku dolls for resale and use globally.


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