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Character Information


A gunslinger adept, specializing in automatics and breaking & entering.


  • Find out what happened to her uncle and avenge him.
  • Earn enough creds to retire somewhere with a bit less crime.
  • Improve her skills and use them to do something meaningful with her life.


Alyssa Abbot was born in September 2052, to a single mother living in Downtown Seattle with her older brother (a recently retired Urban Brawl player). Her father is a low-level Renraku employee who had no interest in sticking around to raise a child. She began to develop her adept powers around the age of 12, and her uncle (with a suspicious amount of enthusiasm and urgency) took the opportunity to teach her to use firearms as well as a rigorous physical education regimen in under to help her develop her powers. As she grew up she took a liking to basic, mostly harmless pranks, attracting the interest of the Raven. With Raven's help and a judicious amount of cheating, she managed to graduate with much higher grades than she really had any reason to.

Shortly after she left for college her mother retired and immigrated to the California Free State. At school, Alyssa studied Architecture but soon realized that she wasn't really suited for the more technical aspects of higher education. In particular, she found herself largely incapable of passing any type of math classes. She also underwent more extensive training as an adept during this time-frame, learning from the hermetic tradition of magic to control her powers, which largely clashed with her natural way of communing with magic. The stress associated with less than stellar grades and a workload well beyond her capacity led her to to drop all of her classes mid semester, instead traveling across the country, using her powers in less than legal ways to support herself. She returned 2 years later at the insistence of her uncle and continued her studies, this time at a much slower space.

The day of her graduation her uncle was nowhere to be seen and couldn't be reached by any means. She contacted KE to look into his disappearance, but she didn't hear back from them for days, and when she did they returned with the news that her uncle had been killed in an accident. No official investigation followed, she was never asked to confirm the identity of the body, and the service was closed casket. Alyssa began digging into the incident herself, and finding no evidence of an accident she decided to search her uncle's apartment which had been left to her in his will. The only thing of note she found was a cheap commlink, with 2 contacts in it, Jinx & Dr. Gotham. They initially didn't answer when she called them, but she kept calling, and when they finally picked up they had an interesting story to tell. Alyssa decided to pick up where her uncle left off, donning the name Ranger, with the singular goal of finding out what happened to her uncle that night, and avenging him if at all possible.

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Bi-Polar: Ranger was diagnosed with rapid cycling type II bipolar disorder while attending college. She has a prescription for mood stabilizers issued to her national SIN and renews it monthly. Ranger is on the more extreme end of rapid cyclers so if she were ever to lose access to her medication during a run this quality would likely express itself by Ranger shifting between cycles within the span of a week (at the GM's discretion, of course).
  • Day Job (10 hours/a week - Bouncer): She's tougher than she looks. The shock gloves and pistol under her coat help too.
  • Mentor Spirit: Ranger views Raven as her partner in crime. He's yet to steer her wrong and she doesn't believe he'll ever betray her. Unrelated, but Ranger is also fairly naive.
  • Trust Fund I: Inheritance from her uncle, including a Downtown Seattle apartment and a monthly allowance to cover living expenses.
  • SINner National: UCAS citizenship registered to "Alyssa Abbot."

Run History

  • The Streets Aren't Safe (04-10-2018): 4 karma, 3700 nuyen, contact Raja gained at loyalty 2, +2 Rep Auburn SINless
  • Rise Against - The Eco-Terrorist In Me (04-22-2018): 3 karma, 18000 nuyen, +1 Rep TerraFirst!
  • These Narcissists Forget to do their Exercise... (05-10-2018): 2 Karma, 22000 nuyen, +3 Rep Enduring Resistance
  • Strategic War Games Don't Call 'em Human Beings (05-11-2018): 2karma, 20000 nuyen, +3 Rep Tattered Black Flags
  • Thomas the Dank Engine (05-23-2018): 2 karma, 14000 nuyen, +3 Rep Crime Mall Merchant's Association
  • Rise Against - Architects (06-11-2018): 4 karma, 18000 nuyen, +3 Rep Enduring Resistance
  • Flobots - Journey After (War Fatigues Part 4) (07-07-2018):2 karma, 37000 nuyen, +3 Rep Streets of Cuba, +3 Rep Horizon



  • Jinx - Connection 5, Loyalty 2 - Fixer (Networking)
  • Dr. Gotham - Connection 3, Loyalty 2 - Street Doc (Swag)
  • Raja - Connection 5, loyalty 2 - Food Truck Owner (Shadow Services)



  • +2 Auburn SINless
  • +1 TerraFirst!
  • +6 Enduring Resistance
  • +3 Tattered Black Flags
  • +4 Crime Mall Merchant's Association
  • +3 Streets of Cuba
  • +3 Horizon
  • +3 Krime


  • -1 Shotozumi-Gumi

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

A search for Alyssa Abbot will likely lead to the following:

  • Meticulously crafted social media profiles, typically filled with pictures of her at clubs and nicer restaurants. Notably, none of these pictures feature the car or gear that she uses while on the job.
  • A few articles about her uncle, a retired Urban Brawl player who was killed last year.
  • Entries to architectural competitions, none of which came anywhere close to winning.
  • Some number of school records.
  • The address of her uncle's apartment.

A search for Ranger, after navigating all the unrelated information associated with the name, will likely lead to the following:

  • References to a small time burglar for hire operating across the NAN and UCAS around 2073.
  • Messages on boards related to criminal activities, primarily concerning on the use and operation of B&E gear, firearms, and armored clothing of all varieties.
  • Trid footage of an elf on the second floor of a museum wearing a dark blue overcoat over a black suit with a custom ballistic mask covering her face; she's clutching a suitcase in one hand and a Remington Suppressor in the other. The figure fires off a burst from her pistol dropping 2 of the guards pursuing her before jumping out of the window. The camera switches to an outside view of the events, revealing that the figure disappears into thin air before ever touching the ground.

Shadow Community Table


  • Monica Black, R4 Fake National (UCAS). Licenses: Adept, Concealed Carry, Driver's, Explosives, Firearms, P.I.


A tall in-shape elven woman with high cheekbones and a lean face. Typically wears form-fitting fashionable outfits, her runner gear almost exclusively consists of high-fashion armored suits and coats with a handful of accessories. She has a penchant for darker colors and this is reflected in both her wardrobe and other cosmetic choices. Her primary fake SIN is registered to Monica Black, an alternate identity with brown eyes, a shorter nose, and slightly chubbier cheeks. This look is accomplished through the use of facial sculpting, a smart wig, polychromatic lenses, and make-up.


  • Mortimer of London Argentum Coat: dark blue long coat
  • Mortimer of London Berwick Suit: a lightweight black suit that matches her coat in style
  • Zoe Executive Suite: form-fitting black suit
  • Custom Ballistic Mask: roughly crafted in the shape of a female face, with a symmetrical gas mask attached to the bottom
  • Forearm Guards: solid black bracers that comfortably fit under her coat

Matrix Persona

  • Transys Avalon: modeled after a typical warrior from fantasy games. Tall with long silver hair worn in a ponytail, pale skin, wearing half-plate, and carrying a greatsword.
  • Transys Arthur: modeled after a typical ranger from fantasy games. Average height with black hair worn in a loose bun, tan skin, wearing leather armor, and carrying a longbow.

Media Mentions

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